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“Pak” in the savings with Autoship Rewards Pricing

Health Paks

Saving with Autoship Rewards is simple – just sign up for Autoship and you’ll get the lowest cost on all of the paks and systems that have Autoship Rewards Pricing! Whether you add it to your Autoship or place a wholesale order, you’ll get the absolute lowest price — it pays to be on Autoship!

Save $60

Save $47

Save $28

Athlete’s Pak

Total Health and Wellness SystemTM

Healthy Lifestyle Pak

Give your body essential nutrients to help it generate natural energy, increase stamina and step-up performance. Using IsaLean® Shake as your healthy meal alternative, you’ll get a balance of quality whey protein with active enzymes to assist in absorbing nutrients and building lean muscle. The other products in this pak will aid you in achieving peak performance while warding o unhealthy cravings.†

2 1 1 1

canisters IsaLean® Shake Cleanse for Life™ Ionix® Supreme

36-count Want More Energy?® Sticks, Orange (US only)


canisters Want More Energy?®, Orange

(Canada and Puerto Rico)


canister IsaPro®

The perfect combination of products to help maintain your good health.


Ionix® Supreme


Cleanse for Life™


canisters IsaLean® Shake


90-count Antioxidants


120-count Essentials for Women™ or

Essentials for Men™


System Guide


Cleansed for Life DVD

$150 Rewards Price ($47 savings)†† $199 Retail / $197 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Give your body what it needs for overall health. These products give your body the nutrition and care it needs, while reducing unhealthy cravings.†


canisters IsaLean® Shake


Cleanse for Life™


Ionix® Supreme


30-count IsaDelight®

$150 Rewards Price ($28 savings)†† $199 Retail / $178 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Not available in Puerto Rico

Save $3

$155 Rewards Price ($60 savings)†† $235 Retail / $215 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Save $3

Save $3

Everyday Shake Pak Our nutrient rich, low-calorie meal replacement shakes are a core component of the Isagenix systems. Enjoy two shakes daily in place of meals to safely reduce your calories and help satisfy your appetite by filling you with heart-healthy fiber, vitamins and our proprietary blend of minerals.

4 canisters IsaLean® Shake

$145 Rewards Price ($3 savings)†† $195 Retail/$148 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Shake and Cleanse Pak

Get your health and nourishment essentials to help you power through your day. This pak will help you cleanse every day, while satisfying your appetite and safely reducing caloric intake.

2 canisters IsaLean® Shake 2 Cleanse for Life™

$135 Rewards Price ($3 savings)†† $185 Retail / $138 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Everyday Cleanse Pak

With this generous supply of refreshing Cleanse for Life™ you can take 1-2 ounces of Cleanse daily, enhancing your body’s natural ability to remove impurities, lose weight, and stay healthy.†

4 Cleanse for Life™

$125 Rewards Price ($3 savings)†† $175 Retail / $128 Wholesale 100 BV $10 PIB

Savings are based on wholesale prices of the products included in the pak.

  • *

    Assortment of best-selling tools from

IsaSalesTools.com. ** If purchased at time of enrollment.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

  • ††

    Rewards Pricing savings. Applies to orders placed during enrollment and to wholesale and Autoship orders for members with an active Autoship.

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