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The themes for our Pow Wows these past 10  years focused on encouraging, loving and serving one another, and having faith in Jesus who loves us and gave His life for us.  

In 2001 Giants in the Land encouraged us to not focus on the obstacles and hard work in front of us, but rather to be over comers, using the lack of conveniences at the property as an opportunity to sharpen our camping skills. We had a great time at this camp!

Our Pow Wow of 2002 “Catch the Vision encouraged us to see the work that had been done and remember that God has used this land and the efforts of Royal Ranger leaders to save souls. We were reminded to be moved to greater things, inspired by the vision given to us by the Holy Spirit of God as we sought Him.

In 2003 our theme brought to mind the unstoppable, UNMOVEABLE quality of a locomotive. A freight train once under steam has momentum that makes it humanly impossible to stop unless controlled by the forces inside (brakes, engineer etc.).  We are also unstoppable and unmovable in our quest to develop this land because of the power of God and our willingness to serve Him. As we do, the force inside (The Holy Spirit) compels us to move forward.

In 2004 we studied God’s awesome creation.  Observing Nature, we learned to appreciate the wonderful beauty and complexity of God’s creation.  This strengthened our faith in Him.   

In 2005 we focused our minds and hearts on being dressed ready for service. Throughout the Pow Wow we were encouraged to seek the Lord and to keep your lamps burning. Because of His Holy Spirit, our lives and ministries have been enriched and have become more fruitful.  The Spirit lead devotions given by Rev. Robert Jiminez ("Two Belts") and Rev. James Steffans Sr. were all good food for our souls and we thank them for giving us clear insight into God's Word and we thank them.   Again we want to thank all of the event coordinators and all who took part in making the Pow Wow a huge success.  After the closing prayer on Sunday morning we went to our homes and communities glorifying God with our lives because we sought Him and He has met our spiritual needs.  Our strength has been increased…we are READY to SERVE Him and bring the unsaved to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Glory To God!!

In 2006 we considered Obedience to the Lord.  Pastor Jim Steffens brought our devotions centering on our Scripture verse, 1 Samuel 15:22.  This taught us that …"obedience is better than sacrifice"…  The Lord through His Holy Spirit did a great work in our hearts.  With our ears ready to hear we were strengthened to do the work of the Lord, to live a life that will affect many in our society.   A Royal Ranger is Obedient; he obeys his parents’ leaders and those in authority.   

Over 400 Royal Rangers from across New York State gathered at the Greene campground for the 2007 District Pow Wow, July 19 – 22.  Having dried out from the first night of pouring rain, the campers enjoyed perfect weather and tons of fun during the 4-day event.  Guest speaker Pastor Henry Dennis spoke each night on being mentally, spiritually and physically “Alert”, the first of the eight points of the Royal Rangers’ code.  During the alter call many boys responded to the call for salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  District Commander John Overton participated in a ceremony honoring three boys from the Long Island Section who recently became the newest members of the Royal Rangers Saber Corp.

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