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We practice the two commander policy at all times.

The cutting of live trees and branches is prohibited.

Nails or hooks are not to be driven into any trees.

Treat the property with respect. Royal Rangers always leave the campsite better than they found it.

It is prohibited to carry knives in the camp. Use them in the cut and chop area only and under your Commander’s supervision.

Do not enter anyone else’s tent, or use another’s gear without permission. Valuable items: jewelry, radios tape players etc. should be left home for safe keeping.

Earrings and other skin piercing jewelry are not part of the Royal Ranger Uniform.  Please do not wear them in camp.  Please-Leave them home.

Fireworks are prohibited.

The use of non-prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited.

Sling shots, pellet guns, BB guns or any such item must be turned in at the registration desk.

All Black Powder weapons must be reported and noted at the Headquarters.

All Black Powder weapon supplies such as powder and bullets must be reported and stored in the designated area.  (See the Camp Commander)

Rocks or other items must never be thrown.

Obey the Royal Ranger code at all times.

Closed areas such as the Swimming Pool, BB gun range and the .22 range are off limits when not on the schedule.

Do not cross the areas that have been taped off with bright orange or yellow ribbon or caution tape.

When conducted, all campers must attend the safety classes. Take notes and pay attention, you may be quizzed.

Everyone must be in the uniform of the day at all times.  White Tee Shirt, Kaki Shorts or Blue Jeans.  Your Royal Ranger uniform is required at the morning formations.  District Staff will wear the Utility Uniform.

Persons under 18 may not purchase or trade a knife, hatchet ax or tomahawk unless

       accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All commanders on site have the responsibility to enforce the rules and to correct boys that are in violation of any camp safety rule.

All trash must be placed in a proper receptacle, and prepared for re-cycling.

When breaking camp, remove all wood and stones from the field.  Any other hard objects…these will damage our lawn equipment if left on the field and run over by the mowers and hay cutting machines.

Unload your vehicle and get it into the parking lot quickly and orderly. We ask that vehicles be parked within ½ hour of arrival. Cooperation in this matter will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.  Do not exceed 5MPH at any time while on the camp grounds.

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