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*Updating Utility Allowances – Taxable Years Beginning After July 28, 2008*

*If the applicable utility allowance for a unit changes, the new utility allowance must be used to compute gross rents of LIHC units due 90 days after the change (90-day period). However, an owner is not required to implement new utility allowances until the building has achieved 90 percent occupancy for a period of 90 days or by the end of the first year of the credit period, whichever is earlier.

PHA Utility Estimates

As explained in 24 CFR 982.517, Utility Allowance Schedule, paragraph (4)(c)(1), a PHA must review its schedule of utility allowances each year, and must revise its allowance for a utility category if there has been a change of 10 percent or more since the last time the utility allowance was revised. The 90-day implementation period begins when the PHA makes revised utility allowances available.

Utility Company and State/Local Housing Credit Agency Estimates

If an owner obtains a utility estimate from a local utility company or state/local housing credit agency, the 90-day period will begin with the receipt of the information. The date of receipt is determined based on the date of the correspondence.

Example 1: Lower Estimate Obtained from Utility Company

The rent for an LIHC building must be lowered because a local utility company estimate obtained by the owner shows a higher utility cost than the utility allowance currently being used. The utility company’s letter is dated August 15, 2008. The lower rent must be in effect for rent due after November 13, 2008.

HUD’s Utility Schedule Model

The date entered as the “Form Date” on the “Location” spreadsheet of the Utility Schedule Model and reflected on the Form 52667, Allowances for Tenant-Furnished Utilities and Other Services, begins the 90-day period after which the new utility allowance must be used to compute gross rents.

Energy Consumption Model

The 90-day period will begin 60 days after the end of the last month of the 12-month period for which data was used to compute the estimate.

Notification Requirements

  • 1.

    If the owner obtained a utility allowance from a state or local housing credit agency, the owner must make the utility estimate available to all tenants in the building at the beginning of the 90-day period.

  • 2.

    If the owner obtained a utility allowance from a utility company, using the HUD Utility Schedule Model, or calculated using an energy consumption model, the owner must (1) submit copies of the utility estimates to the agency having


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