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*100% Low-Income Projects: Failure to Complete Annual Income Recertifications*

20/50 minimum set-aside is also identified in the extended use agreement. When making the election on Form 8609 for IRS purposes, the taxpayer selected the 40/60 set-aside.

The taxpayer is in compliance with the requirements of IRC §42. Noncompliance with the terms of the extended use agreement is not reportable to the IRS on Form 8823.

*Under IRC §142(d)(3)(A) and IRC §42 (per IRC §42(g)(4)), owners of 100 percent low-income projects are no longer required to complete annual income recertifications. State agencies, however, have authority to impose additional requirements upon IRC §42 projects and may required income recertifications after completing the initial income certification at the time the household moves into the low-income unit. For example, a state agency may require a one-time income recertification after the first year of occupancy.

State agencies may place such restrictions on a project owner for a variety of reasons. For example, the state agency has little confidence that (1) an owner can consistently identify income-qualified households without frequent technical errors, or (2) is willing to provide sufficient due diligence. In other cases, the state agency may be providing financing and, as part of their own internal controls and due diligence, is ensuring that the state’s funds are used for the purposes intended.

However, like other state-imposed requirements, failure to comply with a state agency’s requirement for income recertifications is not a reportable noncompliance event.*


Revised 10-2009

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