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Example 1: Determining the Tenant Income Certification Effective Date

A potential household consisting of John and Jane Doe and their two children completed a rental application and income certification on April 12, 2004. The property manager completed the third party verifications and determined that the household was income eligible on April 21, 2004. John and Jane signed the rental lease on April 25th, and took possession of the unit on May 1, 2004.

The effective date of the tenant income certification is May 1, 2004. All subsequent tenant income recertifications must be performed within 120 days before May 1st of each subsequent year of the 15-year compliance period.

When additional adult individuals join the household, the effective day will remain the same until the unit is completely vacated.

Example 2: Effective Date After Move In of Additional Adult Member

Jane and her daughter were income qualified and moved into an LIHC unit on September 5, 2003. On March 15, 2004, Jane’s widowed mother joined the household.

The tenant income certification continues to be based on the original certification date. All subsequent annual income recertifications will be completed within 120 days before September 5th each year until the household vacates the unit.

Generally, all adult members of the household should sign the income certification before, or when, the household moves into the rental unit. However, there will be circumstances where obtaining the signatures is impractical. In these situations, the owner should document the reason for the delay in the tenant’s file and secure the signature as soon as possible.

Example 1: Household Member is Serving in the Military

Mary, with her two children, applies for an LIHC unit and completes a tenant income certification. She discloses and includes the income her husband earns for military service in the Marines. He is currently on active duty and stationed overseas. The owner determines that Mary’s household is income qualified for low-income housing

Mary signs the income certification two days before moving in. Because her husband is not available to sign the certification, the owner included documentation in the tenant file that he is in the military and stationed overseas. Mary’s husband returns stateside five months later and signs the income certification as soon as he joins his family.

The owner is in compliance. The household’s income is properly accounted for and the file sufficiently documents the reason why the husband could not timely sign the income certification. In this case, the file will also indicate that the signature was obtains within a reasonable time after his return.


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