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determination of annual income under section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937. Therefore, the definitions of income of individuals and AMGI for purposes of IRC §42(g)(1) include items of income that are not included in a taxpayer’s gross income for purposes of computing a federal tax liability.

Documentation of the household’s initial eligibility must be on file with the owner. The initial tenant income certification must be completed and signed by all the tenants on or before the move-in date.

Example 1: Unrelated Parties Sharing an Apartment

Sally and Jane are unrelated individuals who want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in an LIHC building. Sally and Jane’s combined income does not exceed 60% of the AMGI for a two-individual family.

In this case, Sally and Jane are qualified tenants for low-income credit housing. For purposes of computing the Gross Annual Household Income, the combined income of all the occupants of an apartment, whether or not legally related, is compared to the median family income for a household with the same number of members.

State agencies may determine that, even though the documentation at the time a certification was performed was insufficient, sufficient documentation was subsequently obtained by the owner before the state agency’s notification of a compliance review, which allowed the monitoring agency to make a reasonable determination that the unit was in compliance. Such self-corrected documentation should not be reported to the IRS as noncompliance. The owner has demonstrated due diligence and reasonable attempts to maintain sufficient documentation of tenant eligibility.

Example 2: Failure to Obtain Third Party Verification

An owner initially failed to verify or include documentation of court-ordered child support when the household moved in. The oversight was identified nine months later when the owner’s management company conducted a quality review of the file. The management company immediately corrected the deficiency by obtaining a copy of the court order for the child support. When the amount of child support was added to the move-in income, the annual income did not exceed move-in eligibility. The unit is in compliance with IRC §42 requirements.

Example 3: Correction After Notification of Upcoming Compliance Review

Unit A in an LIHC building went out of compliance on January 15, 2004, when a household with income exceeding the limit moved in. The owner was notified on March 15, 2004, that the state agency would be conducting a tenant file review on May 1, 2004. The owner realized the problem while preparing for the review and paid the moving costs for the over-income household to move out immediately. A new income-qualified household moved into Unit A on April 13, 2004.


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