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Example 1: Specific Source of Income Omitted

Annual Income was not properly calculated. The manager/owner did not include a source of income, such as a raise, overtime, or bonus. When reviewed, a correct calculation indicates that the household was not income eligible at move-in.

Example 2: Household Incorrectly Determined to be Eligible

The owner calculated annual household income correctly, but the household is over the appropriate income limit at move-in. For example, the owner may have used the income limit for the 40/60 minimum set-aside when the income limit for the 20/50 minimum set-aside income limit was required, or the wrong county AMGI, or the income limits used were not in effect as of the date of the tenant income certification.

Example 3: Unrelated Parties Sharing an Apartment

Tom and Jack are unrelated individuals who want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in an LIHC building. Tom and Jack individually have incomes that do not exceed 60% of AMGI for one individual. However, Tom’s and Jack’s combined income exceeds 60% of the AMGI for a two-individual family.

In this case, Tom and Jack do not qualify for LIHC housing. For purposes of computing the Gross Annual Household Income, the combined income of all the occupants of an apartment, whether or not legally related, is compared to the median family income for a household with the same number of members.

Example 4: No Initial Tenant Income Certification on File

A household moves into a unit that the owner wishes to include as an LIHC unit. However, the owner does not provide documentation of initial eligibility at the time the state agency reviews the tenant’s file. The owner cannot substantiate that the unit qualifies for the LIHC.

Example 5: No Initial Tenant Income Certification on File for New Member of Household

An income qualified household moved into an LIHC unit. Six month later, an adult friend moved into the unit with the household, but no initial tenant income certification was completed for the additional member of the household.

Example 6: Initial Tenant Income Certification Performed After Move-In (Late Certification)

A household moved into a unit that the owner wanted to include as a low- income unit. However, the certification of income eligibility, including the


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