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August 2005

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A Swimming Good Time in July

By Tom Cannon, Grand Master Meeting Reporter

After last years dynamite meeting report from the BURP annual pool party, it was inevitable that I be asked to do this year's report. No problem, because I can always be counted on to say disparaging things about John Gardiner.

Anyway, it was another clear hot day for the July meeting. This year, the theme was Wheat beer to go along with the festivities in the Bennett/Cozier swimming-drome. So there was a keg of Wheat beer there, but there was also a keg of Stout and a keg of IPA, all of which were quite tasty. But, remembering that the theme was Wheat beer (along with the swimming), it has to be said that it sure is good to have A.J. DeLange back brewing! A.J. led the wheat beer education/discussion to start the meeting and appropriately noted that most imported bottled wheat beer can’t be as good as fresh, kegged wheat beer. And the keg A.J. brought along was perfect to prove the point. It was, indeed, an excellent keg, though the bottles weren’t too bad. And, at the end, our Minister of Culture rep, Bud Hensgen, threw in a California Rye beer that sort of hopped it’s way out of style. It was a very nice Wheat Beer discussion accented by A.J.’s fine beer. Welcome back, A.J., it’s good to have you.

The IPA keg was kind of interesting. It was brought by Tim Artz, but it was brewed by Charlie Gow. Glad to see Mr. Gow is making some attempt at approaching a BURP meeting.

By now, we all know how far out Bruce and Nancy’s house is (well documented in last year's meeting report). Well, it hasn’t gotten closer, but it was a fine day to spend by the pool. Hot enough to make some of the great beers on offer seem mighty refreshing, but it was cool enough in the limited shade to really be able to enjoy the day.

Not too much else you can say about the annual July BURP pool party at Bruce and Nancy’s. Hot weather, cool pool, stellar hospitality by the hosts, and some really good beers. I think there was some food there too, but I had trouble getting past the Wheat beer keg to the food table in the garage.

Oh, and John Gardiner was there too.

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MASHOUT 2005 Update

By Bill Ridgely, MASHOUT Coordinator

Registration for the 18th Annual Mid-Atlantic States Homebrewers CampOUT will be closed on Aug 15, so if you have not yet registered, there is very little time remaining. Also, please keep in mind that registration is limited to 200 people, so once that number is reached, the roster of attendees will be closed regardless of the date. Signups from other homebrew clubs have been coming in heavily this year, and for the first time in memory, there are as many non-BURPers attending the event as there are BURPers. Let's have a great showing from the club that both sponsors and organizes this wonderful event. Please register now while there is still time.

Here's a quick rundown on the latest MASHOUT news:

Site Preparation – The annual pre-MASHOUT work weekend went well, with quite a few BURPers helping to prepare the site for the event. A 15-ton load of fresh gravel was spread on the driveway to fill muddy areas from last year's extensive rains. The old outhouse on the property was torn down so the wood could be used at the MASHOUT campfire. Field mowing was postponed due to mower problems, but the job was later completed by a neighbor. The weather was great for the work weekend, the lake was refreshing, and the hot showers at the bathhouse actually were. Many thanks to all those who participated!

Cooking Teams – The MASHOUT committee is seeking volunteers to help with cooking the barbeque for the Saturday dinner and pancakes for the Sunday breakfast. Our regular barbeque caterers, Jim & Linda Rorick, may not be able to attend the event this year. While we have arranged to have a trailer-mounted grill brought to the site, we will need help with preparing the pork for the grill (applying rub) and then pulling the meat prior to serving. We could also use some sauces for the barbeque, so if you have a special sauce recipe, and you'd like to see it featured at MASHOUT, please bring some to the event. We’ll also need help shucking corn

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