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August 2005

were all in place, and hopes were high for a conference as successful as the first one.

10 Years Ago, Aug 1995

The August BURP meeting was the 8th Annual MASHOUT, held Aug 25-27 on Popenoe's Mountain near Rocky Gap, MD (by this point, the permanent site of MASHOUT). About 75 people attended, mostly BURP members but with a smattering of attendees from other mid-Atlantic homebrew clubs. The Saturday barbeque featured steamship beef, cooked on the permanent outdoor grill by Chuck "Pops" Popenoe. For the first time, a live band appeared at MASHOUT. "Poker Face", a blues and cover band from S. Maryland, played out of the barn to an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday evening. The MASHOUT homebrew competition featured porter. BURPer Dave Pyle took top honors, with Bud Hensgen coming in 2nd, and Jim Blue 3rd.

In the Aug-Sep issue of the BURP News, club president Polly Goldman outlined her plans to incorporate the club, which for reasons of potential liability, she felt was long overdue. Being a corporate lawyer, Polly offered to handle the formalities. The effort would require about two months, and Polly planned to have the draft Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws available for review by early October. Because Polly felt that "Brewers United for Real Potables" and its acronym BURP might cause difficulties when working with governmental organizations (such as BATF), she planned to incorporate the club under the more formal alter-ego of the "National Capitol Homebrewing Society".

Also in the issue, newsletter editor Bruce Feist continued his "Tasty Travels" series with four beer establishment reviews from the California Bay Area. Cultural VP Delano Dugarm wrote about brewing Fest Beer, and Steve Marler discussed wide variations in scoring for two beers he entered in both the National Homebrew Competition and BURP's Spirit of Free Beer. Steve felt that judge experience levels had much to do with the disparity, but he also recognized how subjective scoring could be. The monthly "Whole BURP Catalog" was now under the combined authorship of Jim Dorsch & Greg Kitsock and featured a plethora of interesting beer news. Amongst other tidbits, Jim & Greg reported on the upcoming raffle of a brewpub in Ft Lauderdale, FL (entry required $100 and a 250-word essay on why you would want to own the brewpub), the 5th anniversary Tom Dalldorf's acquisition of Celebrator, the original "beeriodical" (founded in 1988), the awarding of "Best Superstrength Ale" to "Sam Adams Triple Bock" at the International Beer & Cider Competition in London, and the introduction of "Crimson Voodoo Ale" by the Dixie Brewing Co of New Orleans (a

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companion product to the already released "Blackened Voodoo Lager").

BURP Buck$ – Notes and Figures from the Minister of Prosperity

By Dan Fapp, Minister of Prosperity

MASHOUT Expenses

Just a reminder, if you require any funds to cover MASHOUT expenses, please let me know as soon as possible, and I will make arrangements to cover the expense. Also, as always, please save your receipts for expenses you may have incurred for reimbursement after the event. You can either mail your receipts to me, or bring them with you to the September meeting.


In going through and performing a mid-year balance check on the Club’s accounts, I (completely red-faced) came across an accounting discrepancy. Unfortunately, a deposit from our Spirit of Belgium receipts was incorrectly recorded in the ledger leading to an incorrect balance. The good news is it was in our favor and added to our account. The bad news is it happened in the first place. I have taken steps to electronically reconcile the accounts so such an error will not happen again. I apologize for any confusion and misinformation.

Current Financial Position

Beginning Balance Plus: Receipts from membership fees Raffle and bottle opener proceeds MASHOUT Registration Accounting Correction Less: Membership expenses Meeting expenses SOFB expenses MASHOUT Expenses Ending Balance

$12,758 $1,035 $225 $2,310 $4,121 ($11) ($74) ($84) ($18) $20,262

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