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Server & Controller Solutions

EFI Desktop ProPowered by ScanSoft


A desktop Management Solution that Cleans up Office Clutter

Are digital documents scattered all over your electronic desktop? EFI® Desktop Pro offers users a personalised document management solution that extends the most important features of EFI Desktop SE to scan, search, merge, edit, and share any file, regardless of the different applications involved. It is an optional upgrade for Fiery® External and Embedded servers and EFI SendMe.

Manage Documents Visually

Never Misplace Files

With Desktop Pro, users can look at scanned files and digital documents as easily as paper, and manage them far more efficiently. Desktop Pro displays all digital photos, PDF files and scanned documents simultaneously as thumbnails on the electronic desktop—complete with author, keyword, subject and page title information.

In Desktop Pro, users can find content fast with the All-in- One-Search™ feature that can index and search any content included in scanned documents.

Users can record their favourite folders with the Bookmark Workspaces feature and quickly find them again on a PC or network.

Fast, Easy Assembly of Documents

Quick Document Scanning Anytime

Assembling documents from different applications poses major headaches. The revolutionary split desktop design of Desktop Pro alleviates this challenge by allowing users to mix document formats easily. The revolutionary split desktop design lets users view two different folders at once, displaying page thumbnails from different documents in one window, and document thumbnails in the other window.

EFI Desktop SE already lets people set up any Fiery, scanner, and digital camera as an input device. EFI Desktop Pro extends this functionality with the ScanDirect™ utility. This essential scanning tool can be docked on any side of the computer screen for scanning directly to email, fax servers, and DMS systems. Users can go back to the EFI Desktop Pro application with just the click of a button.

Users can assemble custom PDF documents across two different folders, drop and drag entire documents into another document, or selectively cut and paste individual pages from one PDF to another.

Advanced PDF Capabilities

PDF is an extremely popular format today. Desktop Pro lets users create PDFs from any application and convert them to office application files for editing. People can also scan to PDFs; search PDF files; annotate and highlight; merge; stack and unstuck, and password secure PDF files from any application.

Fill Out Paper Forms Fast

Completing forms is a time consuming task. EFI Desktop Pro’s FormTyper™ simplifies this process by automatically recognising the fields on a scanned form and creating an identical digital form that can be filled out. This feature saves time and increases employee productivity.

When combining scans and photos with Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, PDF conversion is automatic.

Quick, accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) offers easy conversion to text files. Don’t let the static format of scans stop your work. Leveraging the power of OmniPage’s award- winning OCR, you can convert your scanned documents to a variety of easily editable file formats. The WYSIWYG text editor provides for fast editing, and formatting, including fonts and is maintained in your editable document.

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