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The Lean Benchmark Report

Continued Pressures to improve operational performance

Implement continuous improvement culture and methods

Kaizen event facilitators throughout the company

IT enabled solutions that can help identify high Value improvement opportunities, determine feasibility and business impact and track operational and financial performance improvements

Maintain competitive advantage in price and service

Synchronize manufacturing and logistics processes to deliver on time and Complete orders

Build-to-order and deliver-to order supply chain for lowest total delivered cost

IT-enabled solutions that can help design the supply chain based on Lean principles and load level the building and delivery of orders

Pressure to improve profit

Eliminate non-value-added manufacturing, logistics And selling costs

Customer- and supplier Facing Lean value chain initiatives

IT enabled solutions that can help identify high Value improvement opportunities, determine feasibility and business impact, and streamline cross-functional processes, such as the inbound supply chain

Customers demanding shorter order cycle time

Improve flexibility of manufacturing and logistics operations

Measure and improve Supplier and delivery responsiveness

An IT-enabled solution that can help provide Suppliers and logistics service providers with Forward Visibility and track delivery compliance

Customers demanding reduced prices

Reduce inventory and Assets required to produce And deliver product

Minimize kanban size and maximize pacemaker throughput

An IT-enabled solution that can help facilitate Process redesign and load leveling of production that takes into account logistics operations

Pressures, Actions, Capabilities, Enablers (PACE)

There’s a clear relationship between the pressures companies identify, the actions they take, and their subsequent competitive performance. All participants should examine their prioritized PACE selections and determine whether they can glean valuable per- spectives by comparing their PACE selections with those of best-in-class companies. Ta- ble 4 shows the pressures and prioritized actions, capabilities, and enablers companies must embrace to move from industry norm to best in class.

Table 3: PACE (Pressures, Actions, Capabilities, Enablers)





Prioritized Enablers

Priorities 1

Prioritized Capabilities

Prioritized Pressures

Prioritized Actions

Source: AberdeenGroup, March 2006

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