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21.Players will be given 5 seconds to signal from the time the Moderator stops reading the question.  Once the player is recognized, she/he must begin to answer within 5 seconds.  If the answer is incorrect, the Moderator will ask the opposing team for an answer.  A player on the opposing team must answer within 5 seconds thereafter.

22.If a signal comes after the 5-second time limit has been called, it does not count.

23.Any team member may press his/her buzzer to signal that he/she knows the answer to a Toss-up question.  He/She must wait until the Moderator calls his/her name before giving an answer.  If a player signals and gives the answer, correctly or incorrectly, before being recognized by the Moderator, the question is offered to the other team.

24.If a player on either team thinks he/she knows the answer to a Toss-up question before the question is completed, he/she may interrupt the Moderator to answer the question.  At this time the Moderator must immediately stop reading the question.  If the answer is correct, the team earns the point.  If the answer is incorrect, the question is repeated in its entirety for the opposing team, if no member of that team has buzzed in.  That team must answer within 5 seconds.

25.If a player signals that he/she knows the answer, is recognized by the Moderator, and another teammate responds to the question, correctly or incorrectly, the question is given to the other team.

26.If players confer with or signal to another teammate, the other team or an audience member during a Toss-up question, the team loses the opportunity to answer that Toss-up question.  The same question is offered to the other team who must answer with 5 seconds.

27.If, after Team A misses an answer to a Toss-up question, the Moderator inadvertently gives the answer before giving Team B an opportunity to answer, the Moderator will select another question from the extra questions in the round and give only Team B a chance to answer.

28.If someone in the audience shouts out an answer before either team has a chance to answer or after Team A has attempted and failed to answer correctly and the Moderator has not had a chance to turn the question over to Team B, then the Moderator discards the question and selects a Toss-up from the emergency questions.  (The 5-second rule still applies).


29.Before a match begins, each team will designate a captain who will answer Bonus questions for the team or designate the person to answer.

30.After a Bonus question has been read, team members may confer for only 20 seconds; at the end of 15 seconds the timekeeper will say "Five seconds" and say "Time" at the end of the 20 seconds.  The team captain, or a designated team member, must then answer immediately.  If the Bonus question is asked to be repeated (in part or in whole) while conferring, this reading is included in the 20 seconds total.  Time is called at the end of 20 seconds if the answer has not begun.

31.Since Bonus questions have multiple parts, the question will be read in its entirety, and the team will have 20 seconds to begin its answer.  One point will be given for each correct part of the four part answer.

32.Incorrectly answered and unanswered bonus questions shall then be offered to the opposing team.  Their captain or designate must begin answering immediately.  Bounce-back team players shall not have the bonus questions re-read for them.

33.If someone in the audience shouts the answer, the Moderator throws out the entire question and selects another Bonus question of equal value from a stack of spare questions

Rules and Regulations for Scholars' Bowl Individual Competition


This is an individual, multiple-choice written test consisting of approximately 50 questions.


20% of test content is theme-related.


Participants have 30 minutes to complete the test.


A maximum of five (5) entries per club are permitted.

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