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3.Teams must report to the assigned competition site at the appropriate time.  If a team is not present within five (5) minutes of the starting time, a forfeit will be declared.  Each team must be accompanied by its coach, sponsor or designated representative.

4.    Observers are welcome; however, once a round has begun, no one may enter or leave the room.  Observers must remain

      quiet; there should be no talking or clapping until the entire round is over.  Disruptive observers will be removed from the room.

5.Tape recorders, video cameras, or student aids are not permitted.  Pencils and paper are provided to each team.  These supplies will be collected after each round.

6.A round consists of ten (10) "Toss-up" questions, worth 1 point each; and as many "Bonus" questions as needed per round.  Bonus questions are worth a total of 4 points, each part valued at 1 point.

7.Points are scored by correct answers to questions asked by the Moderator.  There is no penalty for answering questions incorrectly.

8.The answers provided on the game cards are the official answers.  However, if the Moderator or a teacher finds that an answer is incorrect, a protest should be lodged.  The Moderator will determine if the card should be thrown out.

9.At the end of each round, the scorekeeper announces the score.  If the score is tied the tie is broken by a sudden death play off of Toss-up questions.  The team providing the first correct answer wins the round.

10.At the end of the competition, the team with the most rounds won is the winner.  In the event of a tie, the total points will be evaluated and the team with the largest number of points will be the winner.  If there is still a tie, then another complete round of competition will be played to break the tie.

11.If an active player or coach wishes to protest procedures or scores, the protest must be lodged and resolved before the reading of the next question.  The Moderator's decision is final.  After a competition is completed, there can be no protests of the results.

12.The Moderator, who will be a college professor, enforces all the rules of the game in a fair and judicious manner.  She/he runs the game.  The other officials are there to back him/her up and to intervene only when the Moderator cannot handle the situation alone.

13.The Moderator must be able to see and hear all the action of the game, players, announcers, visual props, scoreboard and clock.

14.The Moderator enforces the five-second rule on Toss-up and twenty-second rule on Bonus questions.  When a player or team takes too long to answer, the Moderator enforces the time limit.

15.The Moderator is thoroughly familiar with the questions and answers, and is ready to rule, upon request, on the acceptability of an answer.  The Moderator may disallow an answer to any question upon prompting from the audience or any other member of the team on Toss-up.

16.The Scorekeeper keeps the official team scores throughout the game, making sure that points are accurately transferred to the official score center.

17.The Scorekeeper keeps the official team and scoreboard scores and maintains the official scoreboards for individual teams.

18.The Timer is responsible for the signal to indicate the start and end of each round and for monitoring the time of each Toss-up and Bonus question.


19.On a Toss-up question, the first response given is the one that counts.

20.If a player answers a Toss-up question correctly, his/her team scores 1 point and is given a chance at a Bonus question.

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