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Sunday School Lesson for April 17, 2005. Released on: April 13, 2005.

"Display the Marks of a True Christian"

Printed Lesson Text: Romans 12:1-2, 9-21 Read: Romans 12:1-21 Devotional Reading: Romans 12:3-8 Background Scripture: Romans 12:1-21

Time: A.D. 56 Place: from Corinth


Facts-to examine selected verses from Romans 12 that teach us how to relate to those inside and outside the Christian community.

Principle--to teach the distinctives of the Christian lifestyle.

Application-to encourage believers to cultivate the kind of lifestyle that will identify them as true Christians.


The Apostle Paul is well known for his prolific and theological epistles-Romans being one of his most popular writings to the Romans. Today's lesson is no exception, as it is taken from the 12th chapter and deals with the "marks of a true Christian." Personally, this chapter and lesson are hitting home with me because of a situation that I find myself in at work. There is a particularly... negative individual with whom I must occasionally interface in the course of my weekly responsibilities. This individual manages to always find something bad to say about everyone and on every occasion, and is very vocal with those findings. While most others choose to overlook this aberrant behavior, I find it inexcusable and disgusting. I maintain that corporate positive discipline should be the remedy for this behavior, but for whatever reasons this has not occurred (different discussion, different day).

Nonetheless, as a Christian I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma because I know that I am accountable to God for my thoughts and actions, but I have been very tempted to give this individual "a piece of my mind..." you know, "set the person in his/her place." But, that is when the Holy Spirit has stepped in and calmed me down. He speaks to me, telling me that I cannot afford to be the one to blow up in the workplace by trying to set matters straight. I was reminded that God does all things well, that His timing is perfect, and that I have been placed in this situation as a test

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