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QUESTION 9-Why is vengeance a divine prerogative? (v.19)

Quoting from Deuteronomy 32:35, Paul called on us to turn our hurts over to God. If vengeance is appropriate, it is a divine prerogative, and not ours. Freed from vengeance, believers can give themselves to mercy, even toward their enemies. Hallelujah! God will fight all of His children's battles for them. His eyes do not miss anything that happens or that is said. He knows just when His children are mistreated and when they are broken down in spirit. But, He promises that He "will repay" or punish those who are guilty of such behavior.

QUESTION 10-What does heaping coals of fire on the head of an enemy mean? (v.20)

Again Paul quotes from the Old Testament, this time, though, from Proverbs 25:21- 22. He explained how to destroy an enemy: by making him a friend! Treating an enemy well can melt his heart. Vengeance is counterproductive; and retaliation only causes strife and fans the flames of resentment.

By acts of kindness, a believer can perhaps bring shame and repentance to an enemy. This is the phenomenal power of God's love that believers are connected to through Christ!


Christ gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for us. We are asked to offer ourselves back as living sacrifices. This means that our lives will be transformed as our minds are renewed.

Transformed believers relate to one another in loving, self-sacrificing ways. They also represent Jesus to the outside world in the ways in which they relate to those who do not believe.

You are encouraged today to examine your own lives. Ask yourself what areas of positive distinction need to be cultivated in your life?


Total dedication to God and His will means we truly serve Him (Rom. 12:1-2). We reveal our love for God when we show love for other Christians (vss. 9-11). Peacefully living with others reflects God's presence in our lives (vss. 12-14). When a Christian feels superior to others, it only creates animosity (vss. 15-16). Letting God deal with those who wrong us leaves the situation in perfect hands (vss. 17-19). When we love our enemies, it means we are stronger than they are, not weaker (vss. 20-21).

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