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March 3rd Week 3: Culture Read Ch 2 and article on website Cultural Relativism. Due A#3: Bring in a cultural artifact (any item that has meaning to you, not just ethnic culture) and prepare to share what it symbolizes. 4 points.

March 10th Week 4: Socialization Read Ch 3 and Ch 4

March 17th Week 5: Quiz 1. Social Interaction

March 24th Week 6: Conducting Social Research and Social Groups Read Ch 1: pages 16-29 and Ch 5

March 31st Week 7: Deviance and Robert Merton. Read Ch 6

April 7th Week 8: Due: Paper 1. Social Class and Karl Marx Read Ch 7 and Ch 13

April 14th Week 9: NO CLASS. Spring Break

April 21st Week 10: Race and Ethnicity Read Ch 8 and article posted on class website White Privilege, print out and bring to class. Due A #4: Be prepared to discuss a stereotype or label you feel others have of a group you belong to (does not have to be a racial or ethnic group) 4 points.

April 28th Week 11:  Quiz 2 Immigration and Assimilation Read article posted on class website Immigration Myths and Facts

May 5th Week 12: Gender and Age Due A#5: Bring in a media image from a magazine (non-pornographic) that you feel relates to issues of gender or age. Think of an open-ended question to ask the class about the picture. Type up the question. 6 points Read Ch 9 Sign up for finals today

May 12th Week 13: Paper 2. Family Read Ch 11 Read Article on Website Chinese Mothers Are Superior

May 19th Week 14: Quiz 3. Religion, Durkheim, and Weber Read Ch 12 and  article posted on website Due A #6: Misconceptions About Islam, type  half a page to one page describing your personal reflection: What stood out to you most? What did you find most interesting? Or questions you still have. 8 points

May 26th Week 15: Sociology and Hip Hop Music Read article posted on website Hip Hop and Sociology

June 2nd Week 16: Final Presentations

June 9th Week 17:  Final Presentations

Course Policies

Please note that the syllabus is always subject to change depending on the size, composition, and needs of the class. Any changes will be posted on the class website.

Late assignments: Assignments that are turned in one day late will earn half possible points. Assignments will not be accepted any later. If you are absent your assignment can be e-mailed to the instructor by 6pm the day it is due. Text must be in the body of the e-mail, not as an

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