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rega planet 200 & mira 3

Manufacturer: Rega Research Limited


Italian Distribution : AuDeus s.a.s. Dovera (CR) tel. 051/6926387

www. suonoecomunicazione.com

Cost: 03/2003:

Planet 2000 :999

Nice to see you my friends. This time our knowledge and listening effort have been concentrated on the new Rega production in the field of solid-state integrated amplifiers, the Mira 3, a national preview, and upon the new -even if not brand new - CD player: the Planet 2000. It's been decided to go under a combined test in order to try the potential of the mono-brand system, that is enjoying new appreciation and glory in these days. We also decided to propose both devices individually, for a better communication to our readers, even those not interested in buying the twin set but one unit only. It will sound strange to someone but I've always been appreciating Rega's digital players more than the analog ones. This may depend on the fact that I find the work carried out on the Planet series, from its original version to date, really noticeable and innovating. On the contrary of what happened with analog products, the Planet Series has immediately distinguished itself for the high innovation contents. Die-cast chassis, top loading, extreme quality in D/A sections, have made of the Planet a little champion of price / know-how ratio.

Mira 3 : 1250

What positively impresses me in Rega is the ability to constantly update their products even in a field - the digital one - that is evolving at a weird pace. In order to get this result it is common to early pension off some devices, always promoting new products to keep pace with the time being. Rega, instead, chose to update their machines always keeping an eye on the customer, who doesn't like to see his "digital conversion chip" go obsolete in the turning of a few weeks. If one adds the really affordable budget needed to purchase this gear, they turn out to be true best buys! Here, I have said it!

The listening rooms

The first listening room, my personal one, has been projected and acoustically treated in a discrete way. Acoustical corrections, in fact, are carried out by furniture that has been specifically laid. The outcome is a small, rectangular-shaped room like many you can find in urban flats. The room bears full-loaded bookshelves on side walls to avoid sound coloring and soundstage tilts, and a sofa in front of the two speakers stands that also covers the wall, helping defeat the harmful primary reflections. Behind the speakers there's sound-absorbing and sound-reflecting stuff, uniformly laid to improve soundstage depth while lessening room resonance. On the floor there's a fine Caucasian carpet, working as an equalizer and primary-reflections absorber as well. Last, the wall behind the listening spot is a reflecting one, like it often happens in recording studios.

The whole system has obviously been tuned up through exhausting listening sessions. The other listening room is slightly larger, treated with carpets, canvas pictures and Tube Traps, following the same philosophy, and is used as an alternative to the usual listening room since it allows to test the equipment in a larger volume and with wider walls.

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