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rega planet 200 & mira 3

Listening to the Planet 2000

I won't disguise that I liked the Planet2000 very much, in comparison to the first release I find that all the roughest defects have been smoothed over - like a kind of hardness in the low frequencies and a somehow limited extension in the highs. The credit is to be given to a number of factors: The re-designed power section, the updated converters, the case that - even if looking less original - has got tougher. The feet have been carefully studied. Maybe something more could have been done for the general solidity that is not at top standard - the cover doesn't look invulnerable -, but otherwise we might be talking about miracles in this price range. I wish to start from soundstage reproduction since it is the characteristic that most impressed me, very extended both in depth and width, it closely resembles vinyl, even if doesn't match it in terms of dynamics and detail. Compared to digital sources in the same (or higher) price range, the Rega flaunts a hard to close gap in all the parameters related to the stereo image. Flawless in its tonal balance, wide, extended, controlled, neutral without sounding vacuum. As I was saying in the opening the low frequency range is impressive for fullness, speed and guts. Digital electronics often have a high-frequency oriented balance; the Planet 2000 does not contradict this assumption but smoothes it over a bit in the direction of a non fatiguing, non annoying sheen. Dynamics offers moments of pure fun, for an immediately involving sound. Without going into complex psycho - acoustic theories, an outstanding dynamic is an absolute warranty of emotional participation and therefore of enjoyment of the sound message by the listener. A flat sound messages on the contrary gets the listener bored in a short while, makes all monotonous, helplessly shortens the listening sessions. In my opinion, the Planet 2000 is an absolute benchmark in its price range, with the ambition to worry even more costly CD players.

Listening to the Mira 3

The Mira 3 is a truly muscular amplifier; it boasts its rated power with no significant hardening even at inurbane listening levels. Much depends on speakers efficiency of course, but the faithfully yours does not run wide rangers or pro speakers; the Mira 3 is

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