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rega planet 200 & mira 3

capable of effortlessly driving normal bookshelves to their limits. Mind the volume leds: it's nice to have many of them, enlightened, circling the knob itself, but it gets dangerous for your ears unless you aren't in a large room - in that case have fun as much as you like. I wish to share with you my take on the frequency response of the machine, a parameter I spent some time upon. I'll explain myself: the Mira 3 is extremely neutral and accurate where this is needed. It performs clean and honest in all the parts of the frequency range, the soundstage - like in the Planet - sets the standard at this price level. The bass is quick and clean, but also energetic and involving, till it reaches the far low range where, at a certain point, it stops and doesn't deliver anymore. I liked this feature, even if it is caused by a possible fault. Why did I like a fault? Because it is not possible to achieve more at this price level, so the alternative would have been a less precise, less defined, but more extended bass. Would it have been better? I don't think so. I insist in saying that the tonal balance of the Mira 3 is praiseworthy, maybe it is slightly tipped towards high frequencies, but it remains inside the boundaries of the good listening. Of course, partnering it with speakers sharing this kind of balance could undermine the performance; therefore we suggest not combining them, but in all other situations the versatility of the Mira 3 has proved enormous. We tested it with small and tough speakers like the Sonus Faber Concertino Home or large and soft like the immortal original B&W 801 and in both cases it proved really thorough in sustaining - with no prevarication - the sonic character of the partner. Like I was saying at the beginning, I think the only drawback was the phono stage. It doesn't seem to be adequate to this outstanding amplifier, which goes really big with digital sources. The faults in this case look evident: lack of focus, grain, below-par soundstaging, in a word the phono stage is a bottleneck. To summon up, an excellent amplifier, muscular, dynamic, but also refined and fascinating, it doesn't lose its bottle even when facing exaggerated demands of power and driving ability. It's intended for the lovers of small ensembles and large symphonic orchestras as well.

Joint listening session

The two objects under test here have simply summed up their better features and smoothed the worst, and in a word this looks a true bull's eye to me. The match of the two Regas has proved to be best one tried in this test, even among those with higher breed partners, keeping well in mind the expenditure balance as well. To go into details, the Mira 3 overcomes or minimizes its limit in the bass range, the field where the Planet 2000 in fact shines above all its competitors. We therefore regard as absolutely reached the goal of Rega to make their gear sound well the one with each other. Beyond the peculiar characteristics of the machines, in fact, what comes out is the synergy among electronics. This kind of synergy is very difficult to reach through matching devices of different brands, at least for the difficulty of listening to different machines long enough at the dealer's.


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