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rega planet 200 & mira 3

LWe have several outcomes from this work. First of all, I'm glad to see that many brands are setting up complete systems that work in synergy. Once people would say that splitting research into many sectors would compromise overall quality, but nowadays - with digital circuits within everybody's reach - that is not true anymore. If on one side it is true that specialization carried in evident benefits in terms of development, the contrary is also true: the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. I'll explain this with an example. In the 80s, amid the boom of digital, the sharp and cold 16-bit format was partnered with transistor amps. Result: a crowd of audiophiles - many nowadays too - had to carry home "obsolete" tube amps, in order to limit as much as possible the faults of the (then out breaking) digital technology. Things haven't changed very much nowadays - the "vintage" in fact is still a success. All this panegyric just to say that, if when designing a CD player an engineer does so bearing in mind its production in the field of amplifiers, maybe it will be easier to have a balanced system as an outcome of the process. And vice versa. Rega spells it clear in its manuals, here is an abstract from that of the Rega Planet 2000: "The Planet CD player has a unique sound that harmonizes with the rest of our products and is in contrast to the tonal qualities of most players". So, I wish to calm down everybody about some possible subtle implications of this message. Well, I can't but suggest those who have to change their digital source and their amplifier to take into very serious consideration the Rega pair, that in my opinion will never make them cry over the money spent. Provided they are matched with a set of well characterized, not-too-low-budget speakers, one can also have fun with the bass range, considering the strength and the quality of the two devices. But, be careful with the high range, that on the contrary must be very controlled in order to limit as much as possible the annoying coldness of the digital formats. What can I say, we still are dealing with these problems with digital formats nowadays.

At this point, let's hope we can write about the new Rega multi channel gear in these pages as soon as possible… See ya…

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