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  • False setting of the fire alarm or refusal to evacuate is illegal and may result in

serious fines

Remember to close your classroom door on your way out and follow the nearest exit direction indicated in the corridor. PLEASE DO NOT RUN WALK QUIETLY TO THE NEAREST EXIT. Everyone must stay far away from the building so as not to impede access of emergency vehicles. There is absolutely no smoking allowed at this time, even on the street.

Students must remain quiet so that emergency instructions can be heard. Teachers will take attendance after the evacuation. No one is to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the administration.

Lock-down Procedure

  • 1.

    Following a Code Red alert, stay extremely quiet

  • 2.

    Close cell phones

  • 3.

    Stay low and away from doors and windows and out of sight

  • 4.

    Wait for teacher’s instructions

Procedure in Case of Power Failure

  • 5.

    Stay calm.

  • 6.

    Do not leave the area.

  • 7.

    Do not light matches or lighters.

  • 8.

    Wait for instructions from the administration.

Safety and Security

Students using special tools, instruments and equipment for each program are expected to do so while respecting the proper method of operation to avoid accidents or damage to equipment.

Medication and Emergency Policy

The staff at P.A.C.C. may not distribute or administer medication of any type to students. Students under a physician’s care, who must take prescribed medications, are responsible for their regimen. Students with severe allergies are advised to carry a double-dose epipen and to train a fellow student in its use in the event they are not able to administer it themselves.


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