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Students are advised that they should carry their medicare cards with them while on Centre premises. We have been advised by Urgence Santé that this will speed up emergency procedures in the event a student needs to be treated.

Health professionals engaged as instructors in the Centre are not in a position to assist in medical situations involving students or staff.

First Responders

The list of first responders (staff members trained to respond in emergency situations) is posted in the main office and on every bulletin board. In the event medical help is needed, please find a first responder rather than teachers in the Health department.

Accident Reports

All students must fill out a health record form indicating a contact number and person to call in case of an emergency.

Regardless of its severity, an accident report must be filled out the same day of an accident by the supervising teacher and returned to the administration. Witnesses and immediate supervisors will be required to validate the circumstances for School Board records. This procedure applies for Work Study as well as the additional employer’s CSST forms.

Urgence Santé Policy

The Centre Administration has the obligation to call Urgence Santé whenever a student needs medical attention. The student has the right to refuse medical attention once the response team arrives and must sign to this effect. Should the student be taken to a medical facility, the student will be invoiced for the service. The Centre or the School Board is not liable for the charge.

Code of Conduct

At registration, students are asked to sign a form indicating that they are aware of the expected conduct within the Centre and that they are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all the LBPSB’s policies, which are available on the LBPSB website: www.lbpsb.qc.ca

A sample of the Code of Conduct is attached on the last page.


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