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In fairness to all students, long-term accommodation for late arrival or early departure is not permitted.

Students should contact the school when they are going to be absent. Excessive absence in the program may result in students being asked to leave the program and return for a future session.

Evaluation of Student Learning and Performance

The evaluation of student learning and performance is designed to determine the degree to which students have met the objectives of a competency or a program.

Final evaluation should take place only when the teacher considers that the student has acquired the competencies defined in a particular competency. To this end, students must successfully complete the assigned learning activities.

A DVS is only granted when ALL the learning activities and the final evaluation have been completed for all competencies.

A final evaluation is used to officially determine whether a student has developed the intended competency for the objective of the module. It is a rule of the Ministry of Education that students may not view a final evaluation after the exam.

At times, where appropriate, parts of this evaluation can take place in a real workplace situation and/or in a simulated setting. Some competencies are of a participatory nature; students must be present to pass the module.

Before submitting a student to a final evaluation, the teacher, as a result of the classroom evaluation process, should be relatively certain that the student has acquired the required learning and has been given any needed remedial work.


A. Attendance at Examinations Students who fail to take a scheduled examination without a validated medical or legal reason will only be allowed one exam without a retake.

B. Cheating If a student is caught cheating or deliberately helps another student, he or she automatically fails the examination. There must be no communication between students during an examination. Cell phones are absolutely prohibited during examinations.


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