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Any incidence of cheating will be reported to the administration where decisions concerning dismissal from the competency, dismissal from the program or other procedures will be made.


The objective of remedial work is to help, encourage and support the student who encounters temporary difficulties during the learning process. Students should not systematically expect remedial work in every competency.

Remedial work is not intended to compensate for difficulties encountered by a student due to absenteeism.

Remedial work can be done by the student alone (work assigned by a teacher), with peer tutoring or with a teacher.

A student may be allowed limited remediation with a teacher if he/she has learning difficulties, has absences deemed acceptable by the Centre Director, and/or has failed the final evaluation.

In order to fully benefit from remediation, students need to have a good attendance record.

Failure and Rewrites/Retakes

The student who has failed the final evaluation may be allowed a rewrite/retake under the following conditions:

  • student has a small number of absences

  • a first final evaluation has been attempted and failed

  • the remedial work suggested by the teacher has been completed

  • the teacher has recommended that the student attempt a rewrite

If a student feels unready to write/carry out a first evaluation, arrangements must be made in advance with the teacher to postpone the testing. The evaluation may be rescheduled with another group where possible, but the time frame may not necessarily correspond with the end of the program in which the student is currently registered.

The candidate who wishes to do a rewrite must demonstrate that he/she has successfully completed the remedial work, if assigned, before being allowed the rewrite/retake.

The student will receive a FAILURE in a competency if he/she has failed to obtain the minimum performance standard.


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