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Note from the Staff Liaison

Dear Committee Members:

We are very pleased that you will be participating in the processing of the 2013 Edition of NFPA 13. Development of the Standard would not be possible without the participation of volunteers like you.

Materials You Will Need to Have for the Committee Meeting

  • Agenda with all attachments

  • Committee Officers' Guide (Chairs)

  • Roberts’ Rules of Order (Chairs – abbreviated version may be found in the Committee

Officer’s Guide)

"Nice to Have" Materials

  • NFPA Annual Directory

  • NFPA Manual of Style

  • Prepared Committee Proposals (If applicable)


Prepared actions and statements will clarify your position and provide the committee with a starting point. Prepared actions and statements really help expedite the progress of the meeting.

Getting Things Done Proposals

Only one posting of proposals will be made; it will be arranged in section/order and will be pre-numbered. This will be posted to the NFPA e-committee website and also attached to this Agenda Package. If you have trouble accessing the website please contact Joanne Goyette at jgoyette@nfpa.org. Please bring the proposals to the committee meeting.

The processing schedule to be followed by the committee is outlined in the schedule in this package. As the schedule is very tight, no extensions of the deadline for receipt of completed ballots or extensions of the period to change vote will be possible.

It is therefore suggested that those of you who must consult with others regarding your ballot do so based on the material passed out at the meeting, and your meeting notes. Do not wait for receipt of the ballot materials from NFPA.

Regulations and Operating Procedures

All actions at, and following, the committee meetings will be governed in accordance with the NFPA Regulations Governing Committee Projects. The latest Regulations (as of this printing) appear on pages 10-28 of the 2010 NFPA Directory.

All committee actions will be in accordance with the NFPA Regulations Governing Committee Projects. The style of NFPA 13 will comply with the Manual of Style for NFPA Technical Committee Documents. Failure to comply with these rules could result in challenges to the standards-making process. A successful challenge on procedural grounds

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