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could prevent or delay publication of NFPA 13. Consequently, committees must follow the regulations and procedures.

Processing Proposals Proposals Requiring Committee Actions

All public proposals must be acted upon. If a proposal does not comply with Section 4.3.3 of the NFPA Regulations Governing Committee Projects (an incomplete proposal), the committee may reject the proposal. However, any of the standard actions may be taken. Please make sure that the committee's action and the committee's statement result in a complete action that can be readily understood.

Committee Actions

The following are the actions permitted by the Regulations Governing Committee Projects for disposition of proposals.


The committee accepts the proposal exactly as written. Only editorial changes such as paragraph and section numbering, and corrections to spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation may be made.

If a proposal is accepted without a change of any kind, except for editorial changes, the committee can simply indicate acceptance. The committee should add a committee statement explaining the action if, for example the committee does not agree with all of the substantiation or supporting data or has a number of different reasons for acceptance than those stated in the substantiation or supporting data. The absence of such a statement could mislead the reader by giving the impression that the committee agreed with all of the substantiation for the proposal.


The proposal is rejected by the committee. If the principle or intent of the proposal is acceptable in whole or in part, the proposal should not be rejected, it should be accepted in principle or accepted in principle in part. A complete reason for rejection of the proposal must be supplied in the committee statement.

Accept in Principle

Accept the proposal with a change in wording. The committee action must indicate specifically what action was taken to revise the proposed wording, and where the wording being revised is located (i.e., in the proposed wording or in the document). If the details are in the action on another proposal, the committee action may simply indicate "Accept in Principle" but reference should then be made in the committee statement to the specific proposal detailing the action.

Accept in Part

If part of a proposal is accepted without change and the remainder is rejected, the proposal should be "Accepted in Part." The committee action must indicate what part was accepted and what part was rejected and the committee statement must indicate its reasons for rejecting that portion.

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