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  • Takes the vote

  • Announces the Result of the Vote

It is imperative that you review the proposals before the meeting and develop proposed actions and statements. These prepared actions and statements will clarify your position and provide the committee with a starting point. Prepared actions and statements really help expedite the progress of the meeting.

Balloting Dos and Don'ts

Either fax or mail your ballot - Please do not do both. Don't return the entire package; just return the appropriate ballot page(s) and explanation of votes.

Alternate Members

At the end of each code cycle, the Standards Council reviews records of all members regarding their participation in the standards-making process. Therefore, it is important for alternate members to remember that return of ballots is expected, even though they know that their principal member will be attending meetings and returning their ballots.

General Procedures for Meetings

  • Use of tape recorders or other means capable of producing verbatim transcriptions of any NFPA Committee Meeting is not permitted.

  • Attendance at all NFPA Committee Meetings is open.

  • All guests must sign in and identify their affiliation.

  • Participation in NFPA Committee Meetings is generally limited to committee members and NFPA staff. Participation by guests is limited to individuals, who have previously requested of the chair time to address the committee on a particular item, or individuals who wish to speak regarding public proposals or comments that they submitted.

  • The chairman reserves the right to limit the amount of time available for any presentation.

  • No interviews will be allowed in the meeting room at any time, including breaks.

  • All attendees are reminded that formal votes of committee members will be secured by letter ballot. Voting at this meeting is used to establish a sense of agreement, but only the results of the formal letter ballot will determine the official position of the committee on any proposal.

  • Note to Special Experts: Particular attention is called to Section 3.3(e) of the NFPA Guide for the Conduct of Participants in the NFPA Codes and Standards Development Process in the NFPA Directory that directs committee members to declare their interest representation if it is other than their official designation as shown on the committee roster, such as when a special expert is retained and represents another interest category on a particular subject. If such a situation exists on a specific issue or issues, the committee member shall declare those interests to the committee, and refrain from voting on any proposal, comment, or other matter relating to those issues.

  • Smoking is not permitted at NFPA Committee Meetings

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