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Inside this issue:

Editor’s Message, Apology / Correction / Special Thanks & Announcement

Derryberry Military Men and Women

J. B. Derreberry Memorials at WWII Memorial

Photo Clarification by Ilah J. Ely

Derryberrys on SSDI

Book Corrections as noted by Gloria Derryberry

Book Corrections as noted by Margaret Derryberry

Woman saves dad’s life (Carl Derreberry)

Sons of Daniel Derryberry

Ulysses Henderson Derryberry Descendants of Allen Deberry Returned Newsletters

Missing in Action Photos

Article Submission and Guideline Requirements


****2008 / 2009 Special Notice Regarding Postage Costs****

Newsletter Costs



October 1, 2008 Volume 1, Issue 1

D e r r y b e r r y Fa m i l y Newsletter

Editor’s Message & Announcement

By Vonda Derryberry



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My apologies for the late mailing of this issue of the Newsletter. I returned from my overseas vacation on October 7th and have been overwhelmed with personal obligations since. However, while my husband and I were in Ger- many, we were able to obtain copies of documents regarding his family history. Some of these documents date back to the late 1800’s. We were also able to obtain a copy of his father’s christening records—it appears his father has been celebrating his birthday one day too soon! Now that’s a funny story to tell.

As everybody knows, we are now facing some hard economic times ahead of us. In order to stretch the donations of money for postage, I may reduce the fre- quency of the Newsletter from 4 to 3 times per year. I am still mulling this possibility over. I hope the readers will understand if this happens.

Apology / Correction

In the July 2008 Newsletter, on Page 2, an article entitled “Willa Mae Orca

Seeking Photo” referred to Willa Mae’s last name incorrectly. Her last name is Orta. This was pointed out to me by Ruby Pantalone. Ruby also noted that Willa and Arbelia Thompson are cousins and are trying to get pictures of the Whitlock family organized—no small undertaking. My apologies for misspell- ing Willa Mae’s last name.

Special Thanks

This Editor says Thank You! to the following donors for making cash dona- tions to help defray postage costs:

Betty Curry ($30) Hazel Hayes ($20) Josephine D. Hoffses ($10)


This Editor received a lot of informa- tion from Hazel Hayes for reprinting in this Newsletter. The information was too voluminous to reprint in this edition. It WILL receive priority printing in the next Newsletter—STAY TUNED for some exciting research to be shared in the next edition!


Derryberry Military Men and Women

Suggestion Submitted by Gloria Derryberry

on July 18, 2008

Gloria Derryberry has suggested that the readers of the Derryberry Fam- ily Newsletter send to this Editor (me) names and addresses of family members who are currently serving in the U.S. Military. I would then distribute the ad- dresses to the recipients of the Derry- berry Family Newsletter and encourage our readers to send the military folks a Christmas card. This Editor thinks that

is a great idea! So, if you forward the address of a military-serving Derryberry family member to me, I would be happy to compile a list and distribute it to our readers with a word of encouragement to send a Christmas card. I’m sure these Christmas cards would be greatly appre- ciated (even if they are received after Christmas).

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