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Volume 1, Issue 1

Sons of Daniel Derryberry

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census records, which makes him about 19 years old in 1836. Since we know that a Harvey Derryberry was granted land in Texas for his participation in the revolu- tion, then he must be the Derryberry (no given name listed) that appeared on the Bowie Co., TX for collection of pay for those services. He disappears after that, as- sumed to have died. He would fit as the son of John Derryberry and Susan Tapley on the 1820 census with a son under 10 and 1830 census with a son 10 to 15 years old. He is not in the household in 1840 census, consistent with him having gone to TX. They are re- ported with a son older than any previously listed for them, one that would fit Harvey M. John and Susan came to Red River Co., TX between 1840 and 1860, as indicated by the censuses. Bowie Co. was formed out of Red River Co. in 1840. Census records indicated ages fit Harvey Jefferson Monroe Derryberry to be born in 1827.

Another revelation found by Brian is that the Jacob Tapley Derryberry as shown in the books is actually two persons. Marriage records are: Maury Co., TN re- cord 1107 Tapley A. Derryberry and Elizabeth C. Kin-

Ulysses Henderson Derryberry

Information submitted by William B. Kelley on November 10,

William Kelley noted he found the following on the internet using Google:

Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #24, February 10, 2001.

I have found conflicting information on Ulysses Henderson Derryberry, born 11 Dec 1874 west of Senath, MO to Williamson Abraham Derryberry and Savannah Ellen Barber. Previously, my database listed him as married (1) to Nora Mae Hickman and (2) to Mary Elizabeth Wilkins. To the first marriage the chil- dren are shown as: Marcus or Marquis ‘Mark', Nora Mae and two children who died at, or soon after, birth. To the second marriage were born Delphra Allene, Sa- vannah, Grace Irene and Hal, according to his obituary.

On the World Family Tree CDs he is shown as mar- ried to Mary Ponder with children: Hal, Alene, Savan- nah, Mae and Mark. Note similarity of children, so it must be the same Ulysses Henderson Derryberry. Does anyone have proof of the correct alignment of this fam-



William Kelley as responded to this query as fol- lows:

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caid, license 17 Sep 1844. Solemnized 17 Sep 1844 by John Brown, JP for Maury Co. AND number 1529, Maury Co., TN. Jacob M. Derryberry and Martha Wade, license 27 Jan 1847. Solemnized 28 Mar 1847 by R. A. Glenn, JP. Further, these two men also served in separate companies in the Civil War: Tapley A. in Co. G, 22nd TX Inf. (Hubbard's), and Jacob M. in Co. F, Griffin's Batt., TX Inf. The 1830 census record shows John and Susan with one son 10 - 15 years old and one 5

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    10 years old. The 1840 census shows them with one

son 20 - 30 would be Tapley A. and the other son gone. Jacob M. was married in 1847, living nearby, shown with his wife on 1850 census.

A new subject brought up by Brian is the question of Susan Tapley’s maiden name. He has found no proof and has found it unlikely that her maiden name was Ta- pley since there were so few Tapleys on the various cen- suses. It could have as easily been Harvey, Levi or Jacob from the reasoning that she had a son with that name. If anyone has clues that her maiden name was Tapley, other than the fact that she had a son named Ta- pley, please let it be known.


Ulysses Derryberry was my cousin, the son of my great-grandmother's sister. I met him once late in his life in the 1950s, though my grandmother and her half- sister knew him well, all of them (and I at the time) liv- ing near each other in Dunklin County, Missouri.

Ulysses's mother's name was Barger, not Barber. She was the sister of my great-grandmother Susan Er- mina Barger. Both of them were daughters of Philip Barger and Jane Davis, who were married in Indiana and moved to Dunklin County in the 1850s, where Philip was murdered by Confederate-sympathizing guerrillas in 1863 and Jane lived until 1901.

Based on what I've read and vaguely remember, Ulysses's second wife's maiden name was Ponder, not Wilkins. One of his children was Marcus, not Marquis.

An obituary of Ulysses's and Mary's daughter Grace's own daughter Elizabeth, whom Ulysses and Mary raised and who died in 2004, is at http:// www.dddnews.com/story/1074342.html. It contains some information on survivors, including Elizabeth's husband, who may have a lot of Derryberry informa- tion I don't have.

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