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Volume 1, Issue 1

Descendants of Allen Deberry

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1416-Elean Dixon1, 2 Mt. Aerial, Allen Co., KY.1

was born Sep 1889 in

1417-Homer Estes Dixon2 was born in 1894 in Whitewright, Grayson Co., TX.2

1920 census, Childress, TX. Homer married Esta U. _____,1 born in 1900 in TX.1 They had two children: Homer E. and Floy M.

142-Jefferson Moore Deberry2 was born on 20 Apr 1859 in Allen Co., KY,2 died on 18 Dec 1960 in A l l e n C o . , K Y , 1 a n d w a s b u r i e d i n S t o n y P o i n t C e m . Allen Co., KY. , 1

143-Ophelia/Ofelia Deberry2 was born on 16 Oct 1861 in Allen Co., KY. 1

144-Thomas Henry Deberry1 was born on 20 Mar 1863 in KY. 1870 census, New Roe, Allen Co., KY. 1880 census, Allen Co., KY living with Uncle Thomas J. Bennett. 1

145-Buford Ellis Deberry1 was born on 1 Jul 1867 in New Roe, Allen Co., KY,1 died on 3 Mar 1937 in Fannin Co., TX,1 and was buried in Oak Hill Cem., Fannin Co., TX. 1

1870 census, Allen Co., KY.

1880 census, mas J. Bennett.


" , living with Uncle Tho-

1900 census of Justice Pct., Grayson Co., TX, farm laborer, wife Sarah age 21 born KY. He moved to TX with his uncle Columbus Deberry in 1886. A Lula B. Brown, age 17, living with them.

1910 census of Fannin Co., TX. 1920 census, Savoy, Fannin Co., TX. 1930 census, Pct. 2, Fannin Co., TX. Farmed near Savoy, TX where they had a two story house. The sons slept in the attic and the older daughters slept on the second floor, with parents and young children on the ground floor. They bought the farm with a $10,000 mortgage. They were to pay $1,000 per year, which they managed to do for 9 years. Then the depression hit and they lost the farm. He be- came a tenant farmer.

He died of pneumonia. He used tobacco. He smoked a pipe. Raymond said if either Grandma or Grandpa ran out of tobacco, he

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or Malcolm got to take a break from work to take a trip to town for tobacco no matter how much work needed to be done.

Buford married Sarah Francis Booher,3 daugh- ter of David W. Booher and Martha W., in 1893. Sarah was born in 1878 in Cumberland Co., KY,1 died in 1955 in Fannin Co., TX,1 and was buried in Oak Hill Cem., Fannin Co., TX.1 They had 12 children: Minnie Olga, Alta Mae, Bertha Ophelia, Gracie Lee, infant, Raymond D., Buford Malcolm, Lillie Irene, Bessie Ray, Ola Florence, Eunice Fay, and Thomas Albert. 3

1880 census, she was with her parents around Birkville and Carver, Cumberland Co., KY, age 1.

A census lists a George O. Wheatley living with them, age 74, noted as 'grandpa'.

David Hamilton reports: "They lost the farm and became tenant farmers. They lived in near poverty for the rest of their lives. Grandpa died of pneumonia in 1937. I believe they continued to farm the tenant farm until about the time Thomas entered the Army during WWII. I do think they always had plenty to eat, because they raised it. They had meat because they raised, slaughtered and cured hogs. They had cows for milk and beef. They raised chickens for eggs and meat. I can remember Grandmother going to the chicken pen and grabbing one by the head and swinging it ringing its head off. I suppose she had to do several when they had as many as fourteen mouths plus guest to feed. They always had a large vegetable garden. Grandmother also gathered food from the woods. I remember polk greens. She along with gathering food would dig for redbud roots that she used for snuff dipping. If you are not fa- miliar with this she would cut a piece of root about five inches long, chew on one end of it, dip it in snuff and transfer to her mouth. She would often have this root hanging from her mouth, with a little snuff juice at the corner of her mouth. This sight is hard to believe in this day, but that is the way it was. I along with the other grandkids did not have a bad feeling about this, because she was such a loving, understanding, forgiving person. She had a way of making each of us feel like we were very special. Grandmother's explanation of taking care of small children; "They all wore dresses until they started school. A bed would take care of four. Just put a dress tail under each corner of the bed.""

It is sad that she spent the last several years of her life in a makeshift apartment that consisted of the

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