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J. B. Derreberry

Information Exchanged between Charles Gorney and Bob G.


Email to Charles Gorney from Bob G. Derry- berry on June 28, 2008.

Charles, You are at the right place to start. You may branch off to other directions as time sees. But first, I have to know which J. B. Derreberry that you are refer- ring to. What does the J. B. stand for? And, just in case I have two or more of them, what was your mother's maiden name? As a third sinker, what was your grand- father Derreberry's name? With that, I'm sure that I can identify your branch of the family.

~~~~~ Email to Bob G. Derryberry from Charles Gor- ney on June 28, 2008.

Bob, My maternal grandfather is James Byron Der- reberry in Knoxville, TN. My mother's name is Patricia Elaine Derreberry. Thanks!

~~~~~ Email to Charles Gorney from Bob G. Derry- berry on June 29, 2008.

Charles, For some reason I am still drawing blanks. I do not have either James Byron or Patricia Elaine specifically in my database. I tried every James Derreberry and did not find one with a daughter named Patricia or Elaine. Do you know James Byron Derre- berry's wife's name? Did your mother have sib- lings? What were their names? Do you know James Byron's parents names? Do you have a birth or death date on any of them? These are clues that could help identify your branch of the family. Any one might be the clincher.

~~~~~ Email to Bob G. Derryberry from Charles Gor- ney on June 29, 2008.

Bob, Attached is more info (see Page 3 of this Newsletter).

~~~~~ Email to this Editor from Bob G. Derryberry on July 3, 2008.

Vonda, Sorry to have confused you. Charles Gor- ney contacted Andy about a family tree, which Andy forwarded to me. He was looking for ancestors of J. B. Derreberry, father of Patricia Elaine Derreberry. I had several who might have been his J. B. Derreberry from the scant information given. I did not have a Patricia Elaine or anything close to that. So, I wrote him 'Greetings cousin' to kick off the clarification. I thought that it was going to be another one of those 'we found him', but Charles responded with a lot of informa- tion. Instead of being lost, he knew where he was. Ex- cept that had he told me J. M. stood of James Baron, husband of Nora Belle Luttrell there would have been no mystery. So, now I have sent him what that I have on James Byron's descendants and asked him to fill in blanks and tell me exactly what he would like for me to send him. No answer yet. But, for you, I guess that I should not have been so hasty in including you. But I thought it might be, if he did not know his grandfather, someone reading the newsletter might help. So, there it stands.

Memorials at WWII Memorial

Information submitted by Bob G. Derryberry on July 19, 2008

Memorials for Lee Harold Derryberry, F. W. Wyatt and Jerral Walter Derryberry, WWII veter- ans, were posted at the WWII Memorial in Wash- ington, DC for July 4 display by Alice Anne Stephens. There were many such memoriam, with

Lee Harold Derryberry (1922 - 1943), Collin County, TX (place of birth) U.S. Army - Corpo- ral. Lee Harold Derryberry enlisted in the Army at age 17 with his parents consent and joined the famous Troop A, 5th Cavalry under the command

these 3 to Derryberrys or Derryberry

of General Douglas McArthur. He fought in the

spouses. Lee Harold and Jerral Walter were sons of Pacific Theater and was wounded in action on Los

Leon Leonard Derryberry and Alice Evelyn Balch. F. W. was husband of Jo Derryberry, sister of Harold and Jerral. Alice Anne is granddaughter of F. W. and grand niece of Harold and Jerral.

The memoriam read as follows, in case the pic-

Negros Island. Although his injury would have qualified him for stateside duty, he chose to con- tinue to fight with his unit and was killed in action of the assault on Mt. Cabungangan on Leyte Island on November 29, 1943 at age 22.

tures are not readable.

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