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Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 6

Book Corrections as noted by Margaret Derryberry

Information submitted by Margaret Derryberry on July 1, 2008

Thank you Vonda for all of your hard work. I

Page 196, column one, paragraph 9: Bernice Au-

would just like to make mention of some corrections to the latest Derryberry book that I received in 2007. See

brey Derryberry, Sr. was a partner in the D & C Con- struction Co. Later, Bernice bought out his partner and


became sole proprietor. The D & C Construction, Co.

Page 190: column 2, paragraph 3: The correction is that Joseph and Susan were strict observers of the Sabbith (not Joe and Nora). It was Joseph that had his way of tithing by tending to all chores on Saturday so that Sunday was free for worship. Susan died from burns from the fireplace.

Page 195, column one, paragraph 8: Nora did not die from a fire—it was her mother Nancy Jane Blaylock. (Both Joe and Nora's mothers died from fires.) Nora lived into her 90's and died from natural causes.

was instrumental, and a large part of the construction, of the Celanese Plant near Amarillo, Texas. The main road that runs through this vast chemical plant is called "Derryberry Lane".

Pge 196, column one, paragraph 11: I did not give any information on the date or place of the death of Irene Ferne. I have no information on that, so the infor- mation given by her daughter would be correct.

I think it is important to make these correc- tions. Thank you.

Page 196, column one, paragraph 6: Ira Joe is a female—not a male. Ira Joe did not die on an oil rig– it was her husband Blackie Thompson.

(Editors note: I asked Margaret to submit any photos she might have and she did and are included below.)

Joseph C. & Nora A. Derryberry, 1947, Magic City, Texas

1895-Robert Webb family. Top left is Nora A. Webb, who married Joseph C. Derryberry. Forrestburg, Texas. First row: John Robert Webb and Nancy Jane (Blaylock) Webb Back row: Nora A, and Walter Continued on Page 7

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