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Woman saves dad’s life (Carl Derreberry)

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for once I was glad of the few extra pounds. I got [the deer] off father,” Ms. Hicks said.

The deer approached the family dog, and it ran on the porch. After about 20 minutes, they didn’t see the deer and thought it was gone. Derreberry went outside and the deer attacked him, knocking him to the ground.

“I got [the deer] off father and it attacked me. It knocked me to the ground, but I held onto his little horns,” Ms. Hicks said.

Hicks said she yelled to her mother and she called her husband, who lives about five minutes away. Hicks fought the deer, mostly holding onto its horns, for more than 10 minutes until her husband arrived.

“The deer snorted twice and it frightened me,” she said. “I lost focus and he gored me. Don ran out of the house, but remembered to go back inside to get his pis- tol.”

Ms. Hicks said Hicks arrived in his truck, then got out and shot the deer in the rump, not wanting to hit her. However, the deer continued to charge and attack her until Hicks shot it again. The deer then charged Hicks, who fired one final time.

Ms. Hicks and Derreberry each received about six of the initial shots for rabies on Oct.11. The shots were- n’t that bad and they weren’t given in the stomach, Hicks said. If the deer had been rabid, they would have had to get the entire series of shots for rabies.

“I have always heard that extra adrenalin kicks in [in times of danger],” Hicks said. “I was praying for extra strength the entire time [during the battle with the deer].”

Vickie Hicks shows some of the wounds she received during a life-and-death struggle with a male deer that first attacked her 86-year-old father at his home in An- drews. Hicks received similar bruises as well as punc- ture wounds from the deer’s antlers on her upper torso, stomach, thighs and knees, with some requiring sutures to close.

Sons of Daniel Derryberry

Information submitted by Bob G. Derryberry on October 9, 2008

Brian Anton of Boston, MA, a Durrenberger de- scendant who has done research on documenting the Durrenberger - Derryberry connection, instigator of getting the DNA run to compare the two, etc. has come up with some startling evidences that I have two Derry

durrenberger. Go there, move down and click on "Enter My Database". Click on a family name to see what he has on that family. [Genealogists tell us we should never start from an unknown person and work down, but - start with yourself and work up the family chain. Brian,

berrys tied to the wrong families.

being a researcher, and admittedly, not a genealogist,

Brian is employed by a research firm in Boston and does scientific research. So, he is a qualified re- searcher. If anyone would like to check his website on

takes the known and works from there to prove his point. His efforts were toward proving the connection between the Durenbergers and the Derryberrys, how

Durrenberger families it is at http:// freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~fams/

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