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Marketing Your Website: methods for marketing a website

You need to market your website and market continuously. This page contains numerous methods for marketing a website. You need to discover the methods that work best for you.

E-mail Techniques

Although commonly overlooked and discounted by most individuals and businesses, e-mail is the most effective and cost efficient way to drive traffic to a website.

E-mail Address

First and foremost, your e-mail address should include your product, industry, or company name. Personal names and intials are for personal e-mail from friends and family.

Signature Files

Configure your e-mail software to use a signature file or tagline. Create a 4-5 line ad for your site which gets attention, gives a reason to visit and provides the web address.

Mailing Lists

Locate and join 1-2 two large e-mail discussion lists that your target market also subscribes to. You can locate lists at PAML.

Bulk E-mail

Use your customer database to email all your customers with email addresses monthly. Products like Campaign make the process easy. Check with your e-mail service first as they may have a policy or limitations against bulk e-mail.

World Wide Web Techniques

In addition to e-mail, there are several web marketing techniques that are highly effective. While time consuming, take the time to register with search engines and develop reciprocal links.

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