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and Third Avenues, Armstrong Road, Ashfield Road, Sir Alexander Road, Sir Alexander Close, Beech Avenue, Sycamore Close, the Vale, Elizabeth Gardens, Old Oak Road, and East Acton Lane. In addition anyone who responded previous application has also been notified.  

Original Notification

11 letters have been received (105 Bromyard Avenue, 51 & 66 First Avenue, 2 & 6 Second Avenue, 15, 16 and resident of Third Avenue, 4 & 34 Ashfield Road and 7 Old Oak Road) as a result of the Council’s notification procedures.

The comments are summarised below:

-3 storey building (Third Avenue) not in keeping with feel of street, should be houses in keeping with the existing

-querying how many buildings are planned and the height of the new roof addition

-more flats will lead to overcrowding of the area

-making flats on Third Avenue rented rather then private/affordable will change the character of the road

-object, too much office space which will increase traffic/parking difficulties, loose residential feel & asks whether transport services will be improved to accommodate people travelling to offices

-no provision for parking of affordable units, short sited

-will be difficult to park after restrictions end at 21:00 hrs

-speed humps should be considered on Ashfield Road

-fire engines, emergency services need access

-proposal will attract more school age children

-dev would require support services schools, medical services, refuse etc

-no provision of open space/play area for children

-noise and disturbance during buildings works, area subject to continuous developments, parking restrictions, speed restrictions and proposals for tram

-crime rate will rise with another housing estate

-is the company who have applied for planning permission the same company who have bought the lease for the HM Prison Estate – if yes is there any provision for key worker?

Response:  The alteration to the design of the building in Third Avenue to a more modern block with a flat roof at third floor level is considered acceptable reflecting the form of the offices under construction and mix/range of building types within the vicinity of the site. .There is no change to the proposed number of buildings being built. The double height element of the roof addition has been deleted and is now very similar to that approved in 2001. The number of flats has been reduced to ensure that acceptable living conditions are met. The tenure of the flats along Third Avenue has always been affordable and there is no change to the office content. The development is a ‘low car housing’ scheme where policy will allow for a reduced parking provision where the access to other modes of transport is good. The highway improvement works are covered by the legal agreement. The fire brigade are satisfied with the proposals .The Director of Education has confirmed that the contribution to educational facilities is adequate. The Environmental Statement indicates that the Local Health Authority confirm that the development is unlikely to cause pressure on existing primary dental or emergency health facilities. Provision of play space is shown on the plans, but is nevertheless reserved by condition for subsequent approval. Noise and disturbance during building works are matters dealt with by other legislation administered by Environmental Health.

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