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Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 White Paper

data center will be supported as a solution by Microsoft and/or Microsoft’s partners. The MSA program also includes support guides to help customer maintain performance and therefore value of the infrastructure.

The lab implementation and testing of these architectures allows Microsoft to optimize them for the Windows operating system. It also allows us to implement security on a data center-wide basis over the integration of all the products. This leverages the strong security built into each of our products and adds additional strategies and operating procedures to cover the entire infrastructure.

The first of these MSA configurations is the Internet Data Center (IDC) architecture, implemented for Windows 2000 as published in January 2002. By following the recommendations in the Internet Data Center documentation, an organization can quickly and efficiently build Internet data centers that in turn support rapid implementation of the applications that are suitable for its long-term Internet business needs. The architecture documents in extensive detail a data center configuration that provides Internet services in a secure and controlled manner. The following figure shows a logical view of the Internet Data Center.


Several implementations of the architecture have been tested and validated using hardware from different vendors to assure that the required performance, scaling, availability, manageability, and security goals are met. The architecture also ensures that these services are consistently available and have the capacity to grow as business requirements increase. There are currently two IDC instances available, one based on the prescriptive implementations of hardware and software developed by Microsoft, Compaq, EMC, and Cisco, the other by Microsoft, Compaq, EMC, and Nortel. In addition other partners have developed, or are in the process of developing, their own qualified versions of the IDC. These partners include Dell, Unisys, Brocade, Fujitsu, and Siemens. The Windows Server 2003 implementation is in development with early adopters and will be published within 60 days of the v1.0 release of Windows Server 2003.

Implementing a Scalable Architecture9

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