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Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 White Paper

For instance, to query the status of all servers in a cluster named NorthWind and return the status of each, you can use this command:

nlb query < NorthWind >

To stop cluster operations on the local server to perform maintenance, you can use:

nlb stop

If you need to shutdown an entire NLB cluster, you can use this command:

nlb stop < NorthWind >

To start an NLB server in the cluster, you can use this command:

nlb start < NorthWind >:2

There are, of course, other options you can use with both the command-line and GUI tools. For more information on the command-line and other tools, search the Windows Server 2003 documentation for NLB.

NLB is a powerful clustering system with years of deployed history. Windows Server 2003 improves on the system by adding new features to NLB and also incorporating NLB into all versions of the server.

For more information, see the following topics NLB and Cluster Server topics in the Windows Server 2003 Documentation.

Windows Server 2003 Settings

There are only a few settings on Windows Server 2003 that you may want to tweak on a scalable server. The System applet in Control Panel has a few performance options. You can find these on the Advanced page under Performance, Settings. The Visual Effects page allows you to either adjust these settings for appearance or performance or just let the system decide (the default).

Implementing a Scalable Architecture23

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