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Migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Online in as Little as One Weekend with Binary Tree’s Weekend Express


Partner Description

Binary Tree is the world’s largest provider of cross-platform messaging migration and coexistence software having migrated over 15,000,000 users to new messaging platforms.  Binary Tree is Microsoft’s go-partner for migrating Lotus Notes users to Microsoft Online Services and has recently helped organizations like Blockbuster, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ingersoll-Rand, and others to migrate over 200,000 users to Microsoft Exchange Online and the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).

Business Situation

Migrating from the Lotus Notes messaging platform to Microsoft Exchange Online can be a costly, resource-intensive, and time-consuming endeavor.  The traditional approach includes buying, installing and configuring special migration hardware and software, and bringing in outside consultants that specialize in managing and performing messaging migrations between diverse environments.


The Weekend Express Migration makes the migration process much faster and easier with a managed service that can enable organizations with up to 5,000 users to be migrated in one weekend.


Includes the migration of email, calendar, contacts and to-do’s

No migration software or hardware to buy, install or configure

No on-site consultants needed

No expertise on migration needed

Online user training on Microsoft Outlook is included free of charge

“Binary Tree’s new Weekend Express™ Migration is the fastest and easiest way to migrate your Lotus Notes messaging platform to Microsoft Exchange Online.  Quite literally, we can take you from operating Lotus Notes and Domino on Friday to being on Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Online on Monday morning.”

Steven Pivnik, Co-CEO, Binary Tree

The Weekend Express Migration includes migrating the last 90 days of email, the past year of calendar entries, plus all future calendar entries, all contacts, and all to-do entries (additional data options exist).  In addition, there’s an option that would enable all of your email-enabled Notes applications to interoperate with Outlook without requiring any modifications.  Your users can have what they need to be productive first thing Monday morning on Microsoft Exchange Online Standard.

You don’t need to buy, install, or configure any hardware or software for the migration.  Our data center runs the migration for you and can scale to migrate organizations with up to 5,000 users in one weekend.  Larger enterprises can be migrated as well but will take longer and should consider the Dedicated offering.

You don’t need to bring in migration consultants to run the migration and you and your team don’t need to learn any migration software or know anything about the migration process.  Our data center team processes your migration remotely and will guide you through every step of our proven best practices methodology from initial briefing to the launch of your new messaging environment in Microsoft Online.  Plus, there are value added services available from our partners that include related archival, security, ECM, and mobility considerations.

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