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The Weekend Express Methodology

The Weekend Express offering is based on a proven methodology for migrating from Notes to Microsoft Exchange Online Standard.  And as previously noted, this document will focus on the remotely administered version of Weekend Express.

As shown in the accompanying process chart, the Weekend Express methodology encompasses five main phases.  And please note that some preliminary up-front work may be required for the final migration to occur over a single weekend.

Phase 1: An Audit of the Lotus Notes Systems and Pre-Migration Preparation

The data center team will perform an audit of the customer’s Lotus Notes systems to discover any potential environmental variables that could impact the migration.

Phase 2: The Replication of the Customer’s Lotus Notes Data to Our Data Center

Dedicated Domino servers are created in the data center and cross-certified with the customer’s environment.  The data center team then replicates all of the relevant email, calendar entries, contacts, and tasks.  Depending upon the throughput from the customer’s site, the replication of data will begin 5 to 10 days prior to the migration weekend.

Phase 3: User Communications & Training

Email announcements are scheduled and delivered to the end users that explain the migration initiative, the available online training, and their responsibilities for ensuring the success of the migration.  End users will be provided with access to an online training

portal that includes reference guides and more in an effort to make sure they are ready to be productive with Microsoft Outlook prior to the migration weekend.

Phase 4: Provisioning and Migration

Prior to the migration weekend, the data center team will setup Active Directory (AD) in the Microsoft Online environment and provision the users in AD.  On the Friday of the migration weekend, the data center team will commence with the migration of the user data to Exchange Online Standard.

Phase 5: Validation and Launch

The data center team will run validation tests to confirm the proper migration of the customer’s data into Exchange Online Standard.  Then on the Monday after the weekend migration, each user will receive one last email in Lotus Notes with a button to click on that will automatically trigger the configuration of the Microsoft Outlook on their computer where they can access all of their migrated email, calendar entries, contacts and tasks.

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