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Trønderlag Library - Last modified 22 July 2007

Opdal, Odalagets Aarbok, Yearbook, 1926, translated into English by the Nordland Heritage Fondation, Ausgustana College, Sious Falls, S.D. 2000. Includes information on Opdals Home for the Elderly, Old Opdal, Opdalagets Membetrship list, and a memoriam list. Also biographies of Beraug Reese, Thore Hoxeng, Christoffer Lokken, Even Fossum, Pededr Engen, and Stengrim Detlie. 67 pages. B. Dahl S14

Opdal, Opdalslaget Aarbok for 1927, contains biographies of Iver Olson Sneve, Arnt Ingebrigtson Viken, Mikkel Olson Vindal, Erik Amundson Lien, Anders Skorheim, Knut Lokken, Johan Estenson Lien, and a 4 page membership list and a list of deceased members. 61 pages, photo copy, original from the Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD B. Dahl, S 14

Opdal, Opdalslaget Aarbok for 1928, contains biographies of Pastor Anfin Olson Utheim, Pastor P.P. Hagen, Arnt Halseth, Arnt Arntson Back, Ingebrigt Fagerhaug, Halvor Knutson Bryggen, Sivert B. Reese, Thore Hoxeng, with a 6 page membership list and a deceased members list. 80 pages, photo copy, original at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD B. Dahl S14

Opdal, Opdalslagets Aarbok, Yearbook, 1929, translated into English by Birgit Jaastad. Some family history. Includes the biographies of The sheriff’s family at Sneve, M. M. Bjorlo, Thore Fossem, Christopher Lokken, John Eriksen Liabo, and Roald Lee (Horvli) B. Dahl S 14

Opdal, Opdalslagets Aarbok, Yearbook, 1930, translated into English by Paul B. Olson. Some family history. Includes the biographies of The Sheriff’s family at Sneve (continued ), Ingebright and Goro Boe, Abraham and Kari Haaker, Ingebright and Mari Lokken, Erik Larsen Vognild and Halvor Johnsen Oien. B. Dahl S14

Opdal, 1931 Opdalslagets Aarbok, 80 pages, redaktør.... Kristine Haugen. Written in Norwegian. Contents, 8 pages on the Gjestgiverslegt at Stuen, 1628-1857; 4 pages on the Ingebright and Marit

Stensem family; 4 page memoriam on Jens and Kjersti Hoxeng;

3 pages on Mrs. John J. Fagerlie;

6 page history of Eric H. Loe of the Bjørk farm in Opdal;

4 page biograpy of Ove and Ane Gorseth;

7 page biography on Paul and Malene Rønning;

2 page history of the Ingebret and Mari Fossum ;

8 page history of the Peder and Beret Goreth family with photo;

and an eight page membership list

with home address,s here in the States. Donated to the Trønderlag by Arthur O. Mork of 801 13th Street, Apt. 140, Montevideo, MN 56265-1654. S-14

Opdal, Opdalslaget Aarbok for 1933, contains information on the Kongsvold family, from around 1655, Pauline Bjørlo Vognild, Peder and Ingrid Engen, Ole and Marit Halseth, Stølands family in America, Rasmus and Gjertrud Kvalsjord, Marit I. Fagerhaug, and Lars Aaen. Some obituaries, Kari (Stølen) Wammer, Johannes Olsen Ishol, Marit Ust, Andrew Sanden, Ole Kristensen Gorseth, Ingrid Blokhus, Lars Vindal, Ingeborg Hoxeng, Erik Sæter, Gunhild Sætrum, Ole Olsen Dorum, Matias Pedersen, Mrs. Randi Saly, Ole Olsen Rødvei, Mrs. Mari Hinseth, Mrs. Gjertrud Bolstad, Mrs. Oliver

Saugstad, Mrs. Marit Høe, Marit Hevle Sneve, Iver Hansen Gorseth, Erik Myren, Mrs. Eli Dahl, Edward Reese, Roald Jorgensen, Mrs. Inez Marie Vedin, Mrs. H.L. Steenberg, and Thora Bakk.


page membership list, 88 pages. Original from the Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. B. Dahl S 14

Opdal, Opdalslagets Aarbok, Yearbook, 1934-1935, by Kristine Haugen, 80 pages with index, in Norwegian. Includes the biographies of John Ellefsen Haugen, O.S. Rice, Ole Kristiansen Gorseth


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