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Trønderlag Library - Last modified 22 July 2007

Olsdatter Meldahl, age 98, of Stenkjær, and lived in Ottertail County, MN, pg 48. 10 page new

member list.

Original Aarbok, donated to the Trønderlag, by the N.A.H.A., Northfield, MN.


Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1916-1917, the 1916 Stevne was held in Wilmar and 1917 was held in Canton, S.D. Pages 7 and 8 Obit for Halfdan Bendeke, past president of the Trønderlaget. A photo of Selbygger at the Selbulagets Stevne in 1916 at Fergus Falls, MN, gives names and ages. Obit for Sigurd O. Hanger of Byneset, by Trondheim, page 19. Biographies of John H. Moe, Ytteroen and his wife Serine Bilby from Trondheim, with pic. Johan Kildahl from Namdalseid, page 26 and 27 with photo. Several short stories of the Tronder that were living in Irene, S.D., with a photo of Ole Bjerke and his wife with most person being from Opdal. 40 pages, with membership lists. Photocopy from NAHA B.Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1919-1920. The 1919 Stevne was held in Eau Claire, WI, and 1920 was held in Superior, WI. 48 pages. Biography on Prof. Ditlef Georgson Ristad, of Overhallen, Namdal, page 17. Bio. On Prof. John Nathan Kildahl, page 27. Tronders in Underwood, MN, page 30. Original Aarbok, gift of NAHA, Northfield, MN *****

Trønderlaget Aarbog, 1921 The 1921 Stevne was held in Grand Forks, ND. Page 10 – 23 give a history of Trønderne i Nordvestre Parten af Norman Couny, Minnesota, og Sydøstre Parten af Traill County, North Dakota. Describes settlements, modes of travel etc. Very interesting with details of many Tronders who moved from S.E. Minnesota in the early days of the State. Biography of John

Alfred Alphson, born at Myhrskog in Skogn.

40 pages with membership lists, and origins in


Photo copy from NAHA B. Dahl

Trønderlaget Aarbog, 1923, The 1923 Stevne ws held in Zumbrota, MN. There is a 14 page article on Trønderne I sydvestre parten af Todd County, MN, detailing some Tronders from the Verdal area of Trondelag, in Osakis, MN. Obit and Bio of Dr. Thomas Warloe. Short story of the Scandinavian Immigrants in New York from 1630-1674, by John O.Evjen, 14 pages. 52 pages with new member ship roll. Photo copy from NAHA B.Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1924 The 1924 Stevne was held in Madison, MN. It has a 4 page local history of the parish of Værran in Nord Trondelag. An 8 page story of Tronder settlers in the St. Cloud, MN area. A three page family history of Johannes B. Wist’s ancestors in Mosvik on the Slipper Gaard. Page 21 has a ten page history of the first Stordalinger in Todd County, MN, by O. P. Øjen. Page 35 has the biography of Edwin G. Hammer of Nedre Stjørdalen, who lived in Zumbrota, MN. A 14 page story of Trøndere I Goodhue County, MN, starting on page 36. Page 32 , the story of Zachrias O. Merager and his family who came to the U.S. in 1868 aboard the sail ship “Franklin”, 7 pages, details the trip from Norway to Goodhue County, MN. New members for 1923, 78 pages. Photo copy, from NAHA B. Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1925 The 1925 Trønderlag Stevne was held in Minneapolis, MN. The first 11 pages deal with a review of the past Stevnes from 1908 onward. 3 page article on the Chippewa Valley Trønderlag in Eau Claaire, WI. On page 25 and 26 we find the story of the “First Norske Laege (Doctor) in America was a Tronder”. The story of Hans Morten Kelberlade, of Trondheim, born 1722. Page 27 the story of the Minneapolis Trønderlag, and their charter membership list. On page 33 we have a seven page story from the Sioux Valley Trønderlag, about their lives there and the trip from Goodhue County, MN. Page 39 Bio and Obit for Olaf E. Ray, from Ree gaard in Skogn, Nord


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