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Trønderlag Library - Last modified 22 July 2007

Trondelag. Page 41 history and members of the Pope County Trønderlag. Page 45, 7 page history of the Duluth Trønderlag. Page 54, a seven page history of Grand Forks Trønderlag. 79 pages with new membrship rolls. Photocopy from NAHA B.Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbog, 1926 The 18th Stevne was held in Duluth, MN and hailed at that time as the

“Zenith City of the unsalted seas”. Contains early emigrants from Overhalla and Namdal, with the Hans Barlien story. On page 41 J.J. Skørdalsvold, writes “Omkring 1869” his family was from Meraker, and details his family’s emigration from Norway and their lives in Goodhue County, MN,

20 pages.

Iver I. Øyen, writes about Pioneer Days in Minnehaha County, S.D., 10 pages.


descendants of Erik Blood Ax, in Opdal on

page 80, describe Erik Bloodax’s battle in one of vallys

near Opdal.

Also his wifes name Gunhild who was also called “Kongmor” and Erik’s sons were

named after her.

Starting on page 85 we have the biographies of Past. Ditlef Georgson Ristad of

Overhalden, Prof. W.P. Rognlie from Verran and Pastor Kornelius Sumstad from Bjorner

On page 88

we have the bio of O.P. Øien, from the Mosvik kommune. On page 91 there is a 3 page story of the Chicago Trønderlag. On page 94 we have two obit. 1 for Pastor Peder O. Lanseth and 1 for

Professor Carl E. Nordberg with roots in Sparebu. Nidaros Cathedral, in the Luther College museum.

On page 107 there is a photo of a model of the Page 108, a list of the local Trønderlags with their

officers and addresses.

116 pages with new member list.

Photo copy from NAHA.

B. Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbog, 1927 Thief River Falls was the meeting place of the 19th Trønderlag Stevne. Contains picture of the Trønderlag Banner on page 2. On page 6 is a description of the Trondelag in America, “in English”. Pages 7-12 details the history of the Nidarosdomen. On page 13 there is a

5 page story of “ Olavskyrkja paa Stiklestad”.

On page 20 there is “Et Gammelt Brev om

Domkirken I Trondhjem”

details the

church fire in 1328.

Page 35 starts a 5 page story on Paul

Breivig of Kolvereid, Nord Trønderlag, and living in Sacred Heart, MN.

Thief River Falls, Trønderlag

membership list with their origins on page 47.

Page 59 has an Ad for “ Den Norske Amerika Linje”.

Obits. A.C. Floan, Local Trønderlags. Dahl

Fredrick Kavli, Trondhjem, Mrs. E.J. Oyan, nee Lee. Page 85, contains a list of The new member list is on page 87 and 88. 90 pages. Photo copy from NAHA


Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1928

The Trondelag’s 20th Stevne was held in Dell Rapids, S.D. Iver I. Oyen,

submitted an article on the “Tronder Pionderer I Soo-dalen” a 7 page story of the pioneers in Minnehaha County, S.D. On page 18 there is a review of the 1927 Nord Trondelag Historielags

Aarbok, with references to the murder of Ølve of Egge book contains the Hoyem family history pages 27-52.

in the Stenkjær area by King Olavs men. The 207 priests from Trondelag with birth places,

page 58. Obits: page 64 Stjørdalen, Pastor Sivert NAHA. B.Dahl

Nils I. Øyen, Meraker, Frederick L. Trønsdal, Rindalen, Ole Ydsti, Leifallom, Hegre, Paul Brevig, Foldereid. 98 pages. Photo copy from

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1929 The 1929 Stevne was held at Decorah, IA. There is a story of the Cross in the Nidarosdommen, going back to Viking times on page 7. . It contains Ole Rynnings parents and siblings in the Snaasa area in Nord Trondelag on page 26. . Short story on Thomas von Weston and his search for Fins or Laps in Trondelag on page 29. The book contains the Balgard family history from Verdalen page 44. Some families from the Hitra area, page 53. The ancestry chart for George Washington going back to Trond Haraldson born about 661, he was the county king of Trøndelagen Norge on pge 59. Details of the 1928 Regional Stevne in Winnepeg, with members attending, page 75. 4 page membership lists. 95 pages. Photo copy from NAHA


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