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Trønderlag Library - Last modified 22 July 2007

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1930-1931 The 1930 Stevne was held in Minnealpolis, MN and the 1931 Stevne was held in Starbuck, MN. On page 11 the bio. of Marie Sakshaug, born in Ringebu, but lived in Inderøen. Page 14, bio. Of Lorentz Edward Kjelaas of Inderøen. On page 16-18 there is a story of some Tronders in Milwaukee, WI, with Ole Bull origins and Per from Melhus, being attacked by Indians. On page 57, there is an obit for Ole Five of the Stenkjær area. On page 58 a short history of Ole Rynning of the Snassa area and one of the first Tronders to emigrate. On page 63 the biography of Svein Nilsson Katmoen from Overhalla in Namdal. Then there is an eight page history of the Tronder pioneers of Lake Hendricks area. On page 80 there is a short story of Tronders in Starbuck, MN. Page 84, lists an obituary for Michael A. Wollen, of Stord (Stod) Indtrønderlagen., one for Dr. John Lyng, Namsos, and one for Ellen Kristine Larsen Lie of Stod on page 87. Then a short history on the Nord Vestre Trondelag, in Minot, ND, on page 88. On page 95 we have a biography of Govenor Floyd B. Olsen, another well known Tronder, as well as a mention of Theodore Christiansen, 3 time Govenor of Minnesota. List of paid members for 1929. 105 pages . Photo copy from NAHA

Trønderlaget Aarbok, 1932 The 1932 Stevne was held in Hendricks, S.D. Beginning on page 22 we have the biographies of Olava Kirkwold, of the Stod parish, Ellen Hammer, of Inderøy and Bertha Buan with Beistad roots. Then there is a short story of the Pioneers of the Lake Hendriks area. On page 38 we have an obituary for Bernt B. Haugen, with roots in the Levanger area, one for Siveret S. Høyem with roots in Bynesset parish of Trønderlag. On page 52 there is a 5 page list of Overhallas Sognekald Prester. On page 63 there is a short story of Senator Peter Norbeck, of N.D. Page 70-71 has the paid new members for 1931. Photo copy, from NAHA. B. Dahl

Trønderlaget Aarbok, 1933 On pages 30-71 we have a review of the past 25 Stevnes. Startin on page 72 we several obituaries: Prof T. C. Wollan, ; Johannes H. Williamson, born in Hegra; past Trondelag President Sigurd O. Hanger, born in Trondheim; Haakon Kvenlild, born Aasgaard, Leinstranden; Mekal Hatling , born in Stod, Nord Trondelag; and Lawrence Hastad, born in Stjordalen. On page 79 we have the story of some of the person from the Guldals Colony at Hendricks, MN., with biographies on the Troøien family of Singsaas, the Rognes family from Storen, the Sagøin family of Storen, Digre,Fjeseth, Bogen, Winsness and Kosbergs families of Singsas, and the Bjørgen family of Storen and the J.W.

Siverson family of Horg. on page 96 some history

On pge 91 there is short article on on the regional Trønderlags namely

the Hitterværinger in America. Starting the Park region Trønderlag , the Pope

County Trønderlag, the Chippewa Valley Trønderlag and the Sioux Valley Trønderlags. On page 117 we have the biographies of U.S. Senator Peter Norbeck and Congressman Theodore Christiansen. On page 119 we have the story in “English” “The Social Sciences” by Lars O. Haug, Vice President of the Trønderlag. Well worth reading as it gives a little insight as to what was happening during the great depression and the need for the Norwegian Immigrant to move onward and use the English language in their writings. Page 122 gives the Charter Members of the Trønderlaget. 129 page, Photo copy, original at the NAHA B. Dahl

Trønderlagets Aarbok, 1939 The 1939 Stevne was held in Canton, S.D. On page 12 there is a biography of J.M. Wahl, from Storval, Naeroy in Namdalen, who settled in S.D., this is most likely the ancestor of the Wahl Drug family. Then there is the story of John Rustgard with roots in Inderøya. Then we have the obituaries for P.M.C. Hjelmstad with roots in Stjordal, Pastor A.M. Trelstad from Hegre, and Miss Marie Høyem, with roots from the Bynesset parish in Sør Trondelag. Also Fru Signe


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