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Technical consultation on specifications and quality control of netting materials and mosquito nets

5.4 Treated or untreated nets

The purchaser must decide whether or not nets are to be treated or untreated with insecticide, according to the requirements of the application. Where treated nets are required, the purchaser must decide whether to buy untreated nets for field treatment1, untreated nets with insecticide treatment kit bundled, or LLINs. Procurement of factory-treated nets other than LLINs is not recommended.

5.5 Labelling

On the net: size; name of manufacturer; brand name; fibre composition; water uptake per net (if intended for treatment in the field). Standard pictograms for washing should also appear on a label attached to the net. There should be 5 pictograms (according to ISO 3758) indicating: gentle wash at no more than 30 °C; no bleaching; no use of a drying machine; no ironing; and no dry cleaning.

The same information should appear either on the bag, or as a leaflet inside the bag, with the following additional information: filament count; fabric weight (grams per square metre); linear density of fibres; flammability; use, care and washing instructions, with illustrations, in addition to any other information required by national regulations.

5.6 Information related to the insecticide intended for field treatment other than long-lasting insecticide treatment kits

The label of the insecticide container must bear: the name of the manufacturer; the identity of the active ingredient; the concentration of active ingredient; the formulation type; the intended dose of active ingredient per square metre of netting when applied to a defined net; expiry date of the formulation; an instruction that the treatment must be repeated after three washes of the net or at least once a year; hazard warnings and safety instruc- tions; national registration information; reference to the WHO specification for the formulation; the manufacturer’s statement of compliance with the WHO specification for the product.

1 NB: at the moment only polyester nets are known to provide the appropriate characteristics for insecticide treatment at field level. Thus, at the moment, only polyester can be recommended for this purpose.

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