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Updated WHO specifications for netting materials and mosquito nets - page 21 / 34





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Technical consultation on specifications and quality control of netting materials and mosquito nets

5.7 Packaging of bales of nets

The purchaser must define any requirements for maximum/minimum size, labelling, weight, number of nets per bale, etc.

5.8 Procurement process

It is essential to define: the required place(s) and date(s) of delivery; the required time scale between order and delivery; the intended inspection of manufacturer’s premises and quality control (if required); national regis- tration requirements, including notification for imports; the requirement for a uniform consignment conforming to the reference material/sample; the requirements for the manufacturer’s evidence of conformity with the refer- ence sample; the arrangements for sampling and testing required for the purchaser’s quality inspection programme, etc.

5.9 Quality inspection

The scope, sampling procedures and number of samples, acceptance and rejection criteria, etc, of the purchaser’s quality inspection programme must be defined. The costs, time delays and risk implications of the quality inspection will be borne by the buyer and should be kept in mind when developing a quality inspection programme. The appropriate balance between costs and risks cannot be defined because both factors may involve many components which will be weighted differently in different situations.

WHO specifications define the minimum criteria for distinguishing be- tween good and bad products; therefore nets should be tested for compliance with all specified clauses and limits. Omission of the more expensive or time- consuming tests from the quality inspection process may appear to be financially attractive but increases the risk of accepting poor quality nets or netting, and is therefore not recommended.

5.10 Sources of information

Information on mosquito nets, insecticides and LLINs, their character- istics, applications, specifications, prices, etc., is available from many different sources, for example http://www.rbm.who.int/mmss/.



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