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New Products

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sions are advanced in the USA on similar radar detection requirements. NewLogic’s implementation offers an exceptionally low false alarm rate, while detecting radar pulses with greater than 99% probability. Mana Coste, Marketing Manager. www. newlogic.com

Potentia has introduced the PS-1005 and PS-1006 primary side power management ICs, which enable in- tegration of primary and secondary side power control schemes. With an on-chip serial data link, the PS-1005 and PS-1006 are the first in a series of devices to monitor and control the primary side of isolated power sub- systems.

An on-chip 10-bit ADC digitizes sta- tus information and transmits to a companion IC on the secondary side. The integration of on-card primary and secondary side power control schemes maximizes system uptime in networking and high-availability storage and compute power architec- tures.

Residing on the high-voltage side of the safety isolation barrier, the PS- 1000 series devices continuously monitor primary input voltage, cur- rent and fuse status information. Dig- itized data is transmitted through the PI-Link interface to the secondary side power management controller.

The PS-1005 and PS-1006 can be configured with undervoltage and overvoltage detection thresholds, which are used to shut down the card under adverse circuit conditions. In- put voltage brownout detection is also provided. The PS-1006 also in- tegrates inrush current limiting and

an electronic system shutdown func- tion.

The configurable PS-2406 power subsystem controller provides pow- er management of up to four second- ary side DC-DC power converters. The PS-2406 provides all the func- tionality required to sequence, mon- itor and accurately trim customer- specified DC-DC power converters and to handle power system fault conditions. Using the integral PI- Link isolated serial communications interface, the PS-2406 can receive primary side voltage, current and fuse status information from prima- ry side power management ICs such as the PS-1006.

In the event of an unrecoverable sec- ondary side fault, the PS-2406 can instruct the PS-1006 to shut down the intermediate bus DC-DC power con- verter, thereby protecting the card from any further damage. All three ICs are available now. Prices range from $4.60 to $6.60 @ 10Ku. Ian McGill, VP of Business Develop- ment and Marketing. www. potentiasemi.com

Samsung has developed an extreme- ly small, low-power multimedia memory card (MMC) for mobile phones. With dimensions of 12x14x1.1mm, Samsung’s “MMC- micro” card is one-third the size of today’s common reduced-size mul- timedia cards (RS-MMC). Samsung can stack up to five NAND flash memory devices into each of the new ultra-small memory cards. Initially, they will be sold in 32, 64 and 128 Mbyte sizes. The card can read at 10MB per second and write at 7MB per second. Gartner predicts that de- mand for MMC cards will grow at an average of 61% annually through 2007. www.samsung.com

Sigma Designs’s EM8620L media processor is currently being used as the basis for first generation FVD (forward versatile disc) players. Sev- eral manufacturers are gearing up for production of players, which are ex- pected to be sold at retail prices of about $149 in Taiwan and about $121 in China.

The FVD is Taiwan’s red-laser-based high definition DVD-like format, which was driven by Taiwan’s Ad- vanced Optical Storage Research Alliance (AOSRA) in conjunction with the government-sponsored In- dustrial Technology Research Insti- tute (ITRI). FVD has attracted the support of Taiwan providers of digi- tal content and several movie pub- lishers in China. Currently, more than 20 FVD titles are planned for intro- duction next month and over 500 ti- tles are expected to be made available during 2005.

The FVD format differs technologi- cally from the DVD standard in phys- ical format, compression (encoding) and decoding, and content protection and therefore is not subject to nor- mal DVD royalty charges. First gen- eration FVD discs will have a storage capacity of 5.4-6GB for single-sid- ed discs and 9.8-11GB for double- sided discs and will support resolutions of up to 1280x720.

Second-generation FVD discs are ex- pected to have a capacity of over 15GB and will support resolutions up to 1920x1080i. Under the FVD for- mat, content will be encoded using Microsoft’s Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9) and WMA9 compression algorithms, which currently offers advanced compression technology at a lower royalty charge than alterna- tives.

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