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Bryan Campbell, CEO (previously VP of Engineering and co-founder of Toucan Technology, which was ac- quired by PMC-Sierra, whereupon he became responsible for engineer- ing management of the two Ireland design centres)

Jim Finnegan, COO (previously GM of both the Network Processor Division and the Communication Infrastruc- ture Group’s Technology Office at Intel)

Maurice Gleeson, VP of Engineering (previously responsible for major engineering project delivery and customer liaison at Toucan and re- sponsible for all engineering activi- ty at the PMC-Sierra Galway design centre)

Robert Roden, Ph.D., Chief Systems Architect (most recently an architect at Intel developing specifications for network processors, security plat- forms and modular technology)

Dick Gahan, Design Centre Manager, Dublin (previously a Consultant En- gineer leading the development of Ethernet switchingASICs at 3Com)

Business Park, Dangan, Galway Ireland Tel: +353 91 519943 Fax: +353 91 519901

and across different media devices.” The company is funded through a cor- porate investment and has a strategic alliance with a multi-billion dollar glo- bal leader in semiconductor technolo- gy and manufacturing.

Link A Media is focused on becoming a developer of ICs integrating mixed- signal high performance physical lay- er interfaces, processor-based data transport and ultra high-bandwidth memory management functions. Com- bining its core competency in high per- formance physical layer technologies with the leading-edge process technol- ogies from its strategic partner, the company will deliver solutions for high-volume markets, including stor- age devices, storage networking and ultra high-speed communication links.

Link A Media’s flagship product, STaRLINK, targets the fastest growing segments of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) market and integrates all of the key functions of data recording and re- trieval, servo control, host interface control and device control. The STaR- LINK series of HDD SOCs feature leading-edge methods in adaptive sig- nal processing to deliver the highest areal density and ultra low power dis- sipation.

media during drive manufacturing. It also employs sophisticated power man- agement features to dramatically re- duce the power consumption for mobile and consumer applications.

LinkA Media claims that its SOCs will yield the highest recording density and lowest power HDD solutions. The com- pany believes it will be the first to de- liver HDD SOC platforms utilizing the most recent process technologies to offer the densest and lowest power so- lutions while benefiting from long term investments in large scale 300mm fabs.

Dr. Hemant Thapar, Chairman and CEO (previously CEO of DataPath Systems, which was acquired by LSI Logic, where he was most recently a Senior VP)

Dr. Shih-Ming Shih, CTO (previously CTO of DataPath until it merged with LSI Logic, where he was a Se- nior Director)

Jenn-Gang Chern, VP of Product and Technology Development, Mixed Signal VLSI (previously a Distin- guished Engineer at LSI Logic after the acquisition of DataPath, where he helped lead the product develop- ment efforts on 5 generations of Recording Channel Technology)

Traditional HDD SOC chipset architec- tures offer limited flexibility in address- ing the performance degradation due to head and media variations, which are inherent in a typical large-volume HDD product. Link A Media’s HDD SOC solutions are designed to provide ben- efits across all aspects of the HDD sys- tem, including near-optimum error rate performance from the Read Channel, accurate and robust servo signal pro- cessor, and unsurpassed throughput from the device controller.

Dr. Dinesh Tandan, VP of Operations and Manufacturing (previously VP and Director of Manufacturing, De- velopment and Operations at Data- Path Systems and LSI Logic, respectively)

Dr. Alfred Yeung, VP of Product and Technology Development, Digital VLSI (previously led all of the prod- uct development efforts at DataPath Systems and was most recently a Di- rector at LSI Logic)

Its solution offers unique adaptation features that optimize the performance for head and media variations, thereby enabling better utilization of heads and

Reza Norouzian, VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development (previously VP of worldwide sales at Vixel and VP and GM at Tran- switch)

Arena House, Arena Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 Ireland Tel: +353 1 2130647

4422 Deer Ridge Road Danville, CA 94506 USA Tel: 925.389.8511 www.lightstormnetworks.com

Link A Media

Link A Media Devices was founded in March 2004 by principals from the former DataPath Systems “to develop integrated system solutions on a chip for linking digital information within

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