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Swedish Iron Review

Getting to Golden Gardens the Hard Way

By Gail Ritchie

Our first tailgate meet was on the first really great day of the year. A little over 70 degrees and everybody decided to come out to Golden Gar- dens and enjoy the day.

My day started out by running out of gas on the 520 bridge which I have absolutely no excuse for. Even though my gas gauge flops around, I didn’t even check it when I left the house.

I should have gotten a ticket for it by the trooper that pushed me off but he took pity on me (or thought my old car had broken down).

I had to wait 30 minutes for him to get there so you can imagine the traf- fic problems I caused on

the bridge.

Then it took AAA an- other 30 minutes to get there with the gas.

As I was waiting at the 50th street exit stop light, the guy in front of me decided to back up his pickup truck which was loaded with mattresses and had the tailgate down. So he backed into the front of my 1800S. Luckily he had insurance and they have been great.

They had an adjustor out to my house within four days and a check in my hand within a week.

A new grill and surround were purchased from Mike Dudek, iRoll Mo- tors in California. My next door neighbor who has been a “body man” for 30 years fixed it beau-

tifully. I had no idea how bad my grill looked until the new one was in- stalled.

I arrive two hours late and finally made it to the end of the parking lot where Greg & Tam Kauff- man, Terry Erickson and Corky Hansen were wait- ing. I wa able to park in front of their cars in a spot they had saved for me.

Another member, Scotty Arnowitz, tried for over 30 minutes to find a park- ing spot and finally gave up.

Gary Ramstad was in Ha- waii at his son’s wedding and wasn’t able to attend.

What a day!

PSVSA Member Wins “People’s Choice Award” at ipd Annual Garage Sale

Well, he’s done it again. Jerry Palfenier won the “People’s Choice Award” in his beautiful 1971 1800E at the annual ipd Ga- rage Sale in May. If you recall, Jerry also won first place, 1970- 1980 vintage, at last year’s Pacific Raceways Vintage Historics.

Congratulations Jerry!

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