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Larry’s Volvo Service 6301 Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA

Swedish Iron Review

Northern European Auto Recyclers Shifts Emphasis from Vintage Volvos to Late Models

By Terry Parkhurst “Courtesy of Parts and People”. www.partsandpeople.com

Seattle-Northern European Auto Recyclers is that rare salvage yard that has sur- vived by offering parts for just one manufacturer’s automobile: Volvo.

“This is the only Volvo- exclusive recycling facility in the state of Washing- ton,” owner Yuriy Mur- dakhayev said.

Murdakhayev said he bought Northern European from the previous owner last November. Before that, he said he had a busi- ness fixing and selling used Volvos in the Lake City district, which he still owns, adding that Boris Dondokov assists him in running Northern Euro- pean.

Murdakhayev said he used to buy parts from Northern European to repair or re- store Volvos at the Lake City facility, first as a tech- nician, then as the owner.

“Volvos are good cars-very easy to fix and drive,” he said. “The series 240 Volvo and the Volga (a Russian car) are very simi- lar automobiles.”

Murdakhayev said he pur- chased a 10,000-square- foot facility with four buildings, one of which is used for dismantling cars, usually on a lift. “We

threw away a lot of parts (stocked by the previous owner) because they were- n’t marked,” he said. “We’re putting all our in- ventory into the com- puter.”

“We threw away about 5,000 parts,” said Ty Mon- roe, who has worked at Northern European for three years and owns a 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo sta- tion wagon. “Anthony (van Benthem, a former owner) took everything off a car; he stripped them bare. He left quite a leg- acy.”

About 8,000 parts are left, he said, among them, “50 transmissions and about 30 engines.

“We’re signing up with www.car-part.com and putting all our inventory up there,” said Tim Masom, who works the front counter. “To get new inventory, we use totaled cars, auctions, and cars people don’t want any- more. What we don’t use, we sell to a company that recycles the metal, shreds them: Seattle Iron. We make some money doing that, but it’s also a good business ethic.

“We also have a repair shop here, European Im- port, on the side of the building. We hope to eventually move the used- car lot we still have ours on Lake City Way closer to here.”

Business is 70 percent re-

tail-private parties who come through the door looking for pieces for their own card-and 30 percent wholesale, Masom said.

Murdakhayev said he of- fers a 30-day guarantee on all electrical parts and a 30- day guarantee on all me- chanical parts.

“We work with X-Ray Auto (a shop that restores vintage Volvos), Swedish Automotive, Daisywagen Foreign Car Service, and All Volvo,” Masom said. “Bob Byers’ body shop also buys parts from us. We make deliveries, and we ship all over the country.

“Vintage car parts are hit- and-miss,” he said. “We still do some of those parts, if I can find one. But most of the cars we have are 1975 forward. Right now, I have a 2006 Volvo S60 sit- ting in the back.”

Former owner van Ben- them was a vintage Volvo buff, and the stock re- flected that, Monroe said.

“The rear-wheel-drive cars are still are strongest suit,” he said. “But we are get- ting more parts for the se- ries 850, S60, V70 and S70 Volvos.”

“We’re trying to buy what people are asking us for,” Murdakhayev said.

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